Which Sidewalks Need Repair in Highland Park-Mount Washington?

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

With nearly half of its sidewalks still in disrepair, the city should begin shouldering some of the costs of fixing broken walkways alongside commercial properties, a Los Angeles city councilman said today.

Property owners would pay 50-75 percent of the costs, while the city would cover the rest, according to Councilman Bob Blumenfield's proposed motion.

The idea revives a similar program, which ended in 2009, that split sidewalk repair costs evenly between the city and property owners, with the city's Bureau of Street Services doing all of the repair work.

The new program would be restricted to commercial areas such as "pedestrian corridors, transit routes and transit hubs," and offer an incentive by reducing the property owners' share of the costs depending on how quickly they act, according to Blumenfield.

"We need to take swift action to upgrade our sidewalks, which will encourage people to get out and walk, visit our local restaurants and businesses and improve streetscapes to help revitalize our neighborhoods," Blumenfield wrote.

Under his motion, the Department of Public Works' Bureau of Street Services would be instructed to develop a pilot program and incentive plan.

According to the city attorney, the burden is on property owners to repair broken sidewalks, but "confusion" about who bears responsibility persists, according to Blumenfield's motion.

About 4,620 miles, or 40 percent of the city's 10,750 miles of sidewalks, need fixing, with much of the damage caused by overgrown tree roots, according to the motion.

In 1973, the city stopped assessing property owners for repair costs on sidewalks eroded by tree roots, but has gone ahead and fixed some sidewalks, which has contributed to some of the confusion and resulting lack of action on repairs, the councilman's motion says.

—City News Service
nonoise February 05, 2014 at 10:56 AM
Shame on the city for making anyone pay for fixing sidewalks. Our tax dollars are suppose to pay to fix sidewalks.
Me February 05, 2014 at 09:38 PM
Tree roots have made a mess of the side walk in front of Namaste on York for years. I've taken pictures and sent them thru the MyLA311 app but it's been months with no reply or results.
La vie en rose February 06, 2014 at 09:21 AM
I have reported a street up in Garvanza that is literally un-drivable(@ Marie between Vidette and Salyn lane),2 years ago.I curiously got a call from the city,wanting to confirm my claim, and nothing has happened since, while I have seen other street that are not half has bad being fixed.I heard Garcetti declared on KPFK, that he would take care of every pothole in the city.So,Mr Mayor,how about it??(please come and drive on it,you will be blown away,literally!)
aladyofyork February 06, 2014 at 10:11 AM
The City put the trees in many years ago, now, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years later, we cant cut them down, but we must care for them and make repairs to a PUBLIC STREET, for which we all pay taxes to walk on. Have the Mayor and the councilmembers stop pandering for votes with million dollar "mini-parks" and $58,000 per mile stripping for the 1,688 bicyclists of Los Angeles and fix our sidewalks and roads.
Adrian Balboa February 06, 2014 at 06:05 PM
Well Ave 64 and York needs some repairing. In front of the Senior Center that area needs to be totally redone. None of the areas I mentioned are private property, the city owns it and should pay 100%.


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