What’s ‘Covered California?’ Attend Tonight’s HHPNC Meeting to Find Out More About the Affordable HealthCare Act

A nonprofit will present details about services, benefits, plan providers, coverage, qualifications and enrollment.

Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council logo. Credit: HHPNC
Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council logo. Credit: HHPNC

The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council is scheduled to meet tonight, Thursday, Dec. 5, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Highland Park Adult Senior Citizen Center, located at 6152 N. Figueroa St. The meeting is open to the public and Highland Park residents are particularly encouraged to attend.

Here is the agenda for the meeting:

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Council District 1 Report

D. Council District 14 Report

E. Assembly District 51 Report

F. Mayor’s Office Report

G. President’s Report

H. LAPD Report

I. Board Announcements

J. Outreach Committee Report

K. Rules Committee Report

L. Land Use Committee Report

M. Ad Hoc Camera Project Report

N. Treasurers Report

O. Public Comments (Limited to 10 minutes, maximum 2 minutes per speaker)

Action Items

1. Approve Agenda.

2. Approval of Minutes: 8/15, 9/19 and 11/7.

3. (12min.) Presentation from the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative regarding the Figueroa Street Scape Plan. - H. Huezo.

4. (20 Min) Presentation - Bienestar is a nonprofit organization that recently received a grant from the state to do outreach and educate the public about Covered California under the Affordable HealthCare Act (aka: Obamacare). Representatives from Bienestar will provide a brief presentation to educate the Northeast Los Angeles public about the new law, services, benefits, plan providers, coverage, qualifications, and how to enroll. – B. Engersbach and David Juarez.

5. (15 min) Presentation- CreateLA, a young nonprofit offering free art classes to Northeast area youth, located in an eclectic art space that features, among other things, a gallery, several artist studios, a working foundry and woodworking studio. A subcontractor to the Mayor's GRYD Program and CreateLA are having a 12/7 event that we would like to broadcast to all in the Northeast. M. Alcaraz, Lisa Brewer.

6. (1 min.) Tabled. Motion that Johanna Sanchez, Hector Huezo and Harvey Slater be the 3 HHPNC designees to submit board approved Community Impact Statements electronically. - H. Huezo.

7. (5 min.) Tabled. Motion to approve NPG for the HP Chamber of Commerce. For the NELA Holiday Parade. The amount not to exceed $500.00.- J.Potter / Yolanda Noguiera.

8. (5 min.) Tabled. Motion to develop and sponsor a program to encourage local shopping via a “Shop HLP Discount Day” - M. Alcaraz.

9. (5 min.) Tabled- Motion to establish a “Shop HLP Discount Card.” Approve no more than $100 for purchase Discount Cards. – M. Alcaraz.

10. (5 min.) Tabled. Motion to approve the HHPNC hosting a Pet Adoption day.- A. Salcido.

11. (5 min.) Motion and discussion to approve the NPG for the Peace in the Northeast Walk up to but not to exceed 500.00. T. Bonsell.

12. (5 min.) Motion to approve the October 2013 expenditure report. -J. Potter.

13. (5 min.) Motion to approve the recurring monthly expense for our Public Storage space number A035. Cost is $264 for monthly rent plus $8 for insurance, which totals 272.00. -J. Potter. 

14. (5 min.) Motion to approve $95.88 to renew our web site through InMotion Hosting. Term length of one year. - J. Potter.

15. (5 min.) Motion and discussion to work with DONE in transferring 3 items from the storage back to DONE (10x10 Jumper, Pressure Washer, Gas Generator). Also writing a letter to DONE asking if the items can be filtered back into the community. In particular the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce. - T. Bonsell.

16. (10 Min) Motion to approve, and submit by board resolution, the draft Community Impact Statement regarding CF#:13-0600-S66 concerning funding equity between neighborhoods considering the disparate levels of resources available to communities. - H. Huezo. 

17. (15 minutes) Motion to approve timetable and final draft for the Highland Park Community Service Award. - F. Villa.

18. (10 minutes) Motion to approve funds of no more than one hundred dollars for the purchase of the Highland Park Community Service Award plaque. - F. Villa.

19. (5 min.) Discuss and possible motion to approve the printing of a color HHPNC tri-fold brochure in both English and Spanish for use in all outreach events. Cost to not exceed $500. - J. Sanchez.

20. (5 min.) Motion to approve a letter in support of proposed self-service automated car wash at 5137 N. Figueroa. - H. Slater.

21. (5 min.) Discussion & Motion: Graeme Flegenheimer will present his plans to convert the abandoned church on York and Ave. 49 to a performing arts facility, with a CUB, and a CUX; motion to approve letter of support. - H. Slater. 

22. (5 min.) Discussion & Motion: Jesus Fernandez will present plans to build a 4-Home Small Lot Subdivision in Highland Park at 6815 Hough St.; motion to approve letter of support. - H. Slater. 

23. (5 min.) Discussion & Motion: Brett Engstrome and his clients will present rough plans for opening a restaurant at 5022 York with a CUB; motion to approve letter of support. - H. Slater.

24. New Business.

25. Adjournment.


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