Park Makeover: Coming Soon to an Area Near You

Los Angeles State Historical Park will be getting new walkways, landscaping, a 2-acre wetland habitat, rangers station and more.

Photo Courtesy: California Department of Parks and Recreation
Photo Courtesy: California Department of Parks and Recreation

One of Los Angeles' newest urban greenways will be getting a nearly $20 million, yearlong makeover, starting next month.

Los Angeles State Historical Park, a 34-acre former "brownfield" acquired by the state in 2001 and brought to life in 2005 when planted with corn for the "Not A Cornfield" art project, will be getting new walkways, native landscaping, a 2-acre wetland habitat and a rangers station, among other things.

The park just north of Chinatown, sandwiched between Broadway and Spring Street, will be developed in three sections. The northern section, nearest the Los Angeles River, will house a public art project to be designed by Lauren Bon, the artist behind "Not A Cornfield."

The central section will be largely open and known as "The Great Meadow," and the southern section will have a welcome pavilion and play area.

In recent years, the park has been home to several big music festivals.

—City News Service


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