Final Part of HLP Doc Features New Business Leaders

The final part of the documentary series looks at how local business leaders are helping to shape the future of Highland Park.

"Reinterpreting Highland Park"--the seventh and final segment in KCET's Departures series--examines how a new crop of small business owners and community leaders have shaped the current incarnation of the neighborhood.

From "Reinterpreting Highland Park"

As we settle into the new millennium, Highland Park’s residents are actively embracing all the twists, turns and contradictions that history has presented to them and their neighborhood. Evoking the first area rail lines, a new Gold Metro line traverses the area; a master plan in place that aims to revitalize the Arroyo and return it to its natural state; a new and improved completely Audubon Park takes post-urban parkland back to natural basics; and a slew of young artists, galleries and coffee shops together are making Highland Park shine, mixing a neo-hippie culture reminiscent of Charles Lummis with conceptual post-Chicano art.

Among the local business featured are , , The York and

 The seven-part documentary series delved into the social, cultural, political and artistic movements that defined the Arroyo.

As previously reported on Patch, KCET's Highland Park documentary was the latest in a series that has featured historic communities throughout Los Angeles, including Chinatown, Richland Farms and Venice. The Los Angeles River has also gotten the Departures treatment from KCET.


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