New York Snow Prepares for Summer Opening

Carol Banh's New York Snow will bring Taiwanese shaved ice to Highland Park.

Since Carol Banh's unique twist on shaved ice debuted at March's NELA Art Microgrant event at the Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock, Northeast L.A. Residents have been eagerly awaiting the opening of her brick and mortar location on York Boulevard.

This week, Banh said she hopes to be serving New York Snow at 5108 York Boulevard just in time for the peak of Los Angeles' summer heat.

"We're under construction and we're aiming to open in the summer time, about another two months," Banh said. "Right now we are going through the process of getting all the needed permits." 

New York Snow will serve Taiwanese shaved ice, a style that's currently popular in the San Gabriel Valley's predominantly Asian communities.

Unlike Thai shaved ice, which layers flavors over a bowl of chipped and flaked ice, Taiwaneese shaved ice is made from a blocked of frozen, flavored milk.

The block is shaved into thin, velvety layers and topped with an array of sweet, fruity and sometimes even savory toppings. Syrups are a must, as well.

"It started in Taiwan and came over to San Gabriel Valley," said Banh, who resides in the SGV. "One day, my business partner, Joe Saavedra, and I had it and we thought it was a great concept. It's different and we thought, why not bring it out to the world?"

Banh said that New York Snow takes its name from Councilman José Huizar's , an initiative that has sought to catalyze York's development by providing planning assistance and funding for projects like a and a on the corner of Avenue 50.

"When we decided to look for an area to set up shop we heard from friends in South Pasadena that this was an up and coming area," Banh said. "We really wanted to be part of the community and part of that initiative."

Through it will be a few months before New York Snow opens in Highland Park, Banh said she's been testing her creations on customers around the area through weekend catering events. She said New York Snow will be sponsoring an event with Leanna Lin's Wonderland and Bored Inc., "Pablove One Another" An Art benefit for the Pablove Foundation.

"We had great reviews," she said. "I'm really excited, good things are happening for us. We can't wait to open."

stacey landberg May 18, 2012 at 02:54 AM
I hope it's possible to have a dairy free option!!! =) Looking forward to it!
New York Snow May 23, 2012 at 07:11 AM
Our Strawberry, Mango, Topical Fruit, and Peach Clobber are all Dairy Free. Less Calorie then Ice cream and Yogurt- New York Snow Check us out on facebook.com/NYSnow
Joe Saavedra June 28, 2012 at 06:48 PM
New York Snow is currently being served at 738 E. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 inside the The District BBQ and Lounge, open everyday. The Toasted Marshmallow Snow is awesome and it's lactose free!


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