E-Cigarette Shop Opens on Figueroa Street

Vape On 2 is now open to the public, offering e-cigarettes supplies and juices.

For months after converting to electronic-cigarettes, John Hartigan of Montecito Heights was a loyal customer of Vape-On in San Gabriel.

On his regular visits to the shop to purchase juice or batteries for his electronic smoking device, he would encourage owner Raymond Shen to consider franchising his business.

"Being that he was in the business for years, Raymond was the guru of 'vape,'" Hartigan said.

Eventually, the guru heeded Hartigan's advice. And he pegged one of his loyal customers to help expand the business.

"He asked me to be his partner, and after some conversation, we figured out a way to make it happen," said Hartigan, the owner of Vape On 2, located at the former location of the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop on 3714 N. Figueroa St.

Vape on 2 held its soft opening on Saturday, Sept. 8 and so far has been enjoying a slow but steady stream of customers, Hartigan said.

For those not familiar with the product, Hartigan explained that e-cigarettes offer a tobacco-free alternative to cigarettes. The devices offer the same tactile sensation of smoking cigarettes, but are filled with flavored juices instead of tobacco.

"Nothing is burned," Hartigan said.

The level of nicotine in the juice can range from zero to 24 mg, depending on the user's preference.

Vape on 2 will sell juices, power supplies and the tank systems which convert the liquid into vapor.

The FDA has yet to offer a definitive ruling about the safety of e-cigarettes, and prohibits sellers from marketing them as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

However, news reports state that a growing number of smokers are switching to "vaping" because of the perceived health advantages.

Hartigan was cautious when talking about his own experiences with e-cigarettes, given the FDA marketing regulations, but he did tell Patch that he's no longer smoking tobacco cigarettes after nearly 37 years.

"It's weird to put it in these terms, but it just makes smoking interesting again," he said.

Vape on 2 is now open to the public 12-8 p.m. on Monday through Saturday and 12-5 p.m. on Sunday.

Patrizzi Intergalactica October 03, 2012 at 04:38 PM
I read about it on the Patch, the Nicotine Patch. Lol!
The MOG October 03, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Are they safer than inhaling smoke? Is that suppose to be the benefit? Or, is because you can regulate the amount of tabacco "juice"-YUCK!? There's no smoke? 2nd hand, or otherwise? Do resturants care if you "smoke" one of these in their establishment? Would it be legal to do so? Is there a smell? I would be interested in the opinion of smokers who use these. Sounds like a personal problem to me.
John hartigan October 03, 2012 at 10:55 PM
No Tar No carcinogens No second hand smoke No nasty smell It is not illegal to use the electronic cigarettes almost anywhere, (bars, food establishments, offices, trains) (some airlines don't allow them, some do) we ask our customers be a good citizen if you are in any establishment and they ask you not to "vape" then respect their wishes. If they tell you what you are doing is illegal to smoke where you are, politely let them know you are not smoking and it is not illegal. ie (santa monica, burbank, glendale sidewalks) There is no smoke but there is vapor. It contains no carcinogens and is "like" fog from a fog machine, to the user it is like smoking; there is taste, vapor ( smoke ) and nicotine; if you want it, The tar, carcinogens and 100's of other chemicals are not there. Most fruit flavors (strawberry, orange, banana, kiwi, watermelon) have no smell to by standers, but a friend of mine can smell the the spice oriented flavors (chocolate, cappuccino, cinnamon etc.) when I vape them while standing next to him. Some of the tobacco flavors have a scent but more like the sweet tobacco or menthol (mint) smell, nothing like a burning cigarette
Boris Panov October 08, 2012 at 01:12 AM
When I decided to quit I bought an e-cigarette and it was the best decision. I went to http://www.cig-stop.com/ to help me make my decision on which one to buy.


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