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Monique Bryher is a licensed real estate broker who is a life-long resident of the San Fernando Valley, selling residential and small commercial real estate. She writes extensively about the topics that property owners and prospective buyers want to know about most: trends in current property values, safety issues/concerns and the effect that real estate fraud practices are having on home values and the economy-at-large.
Monique donates 5% of the net commissions from her real estate sales to local non-profits. Monique has been an enthusiastic blogger for four years. She publishes (1) www.MelodyAcresHomes.com, a blog for the Melody Acres neighborhood in Tarzana. Melody Acres is special and distinct because it is one of the last surviving neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley in which residents may legally keep horses, chickens, donkeys, goats, sheep, turkeys and other farm animals; (2) www.CollegeAcresHomes.com, a blog for College Acres in Woodland Hills, also known to local children as "Candy Cane Lane;" www.PhysicianRelocationService.com, Monique's niche practice to serve physicians and other medical professionals in the Los Angeles area; and www.CaliforniaRealEstateFraudReport.com, Monique's blog for consumers and law enforcement, which tracks real estate fraud arrests and prosecutions in California. The California Real Estate Fraud Report is consistently ranked at or near the top of organic searches in Google for "real estate fraud." Monique is also the author of the e-book called "How to Commit Short Sale Fraud . . . and Get Away with It," an in-depth essay that exposes the dark side of real estate fraud to readers and explains how it contributes to the destabilizing of the U.S. economy. This e-book is not only an frank exposé of the damage these crimes are doing to individuals and our infrastructure by consumers, real estate agents and lending institutions, it offers concrete, practical solutions to a serious problem that is affecting all of us. A free sample download of Monique's e-book can be found on either www.CaliforniaRealEstateFraudReport.com or www.ShortSaleFraudBook.com. You can also view the book and see who has "liked" it on her Facebook page http://on.fb.me/vIu9P6. Monique earned her undergraduate degree in Economics, minoring in Statistics and a master of science degree in Public Health in Healthcare Information Systems, both from UCLA.    
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