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Raised in Eagle Rock, I attended ERE and ERHS. Currently a CSULA student, I'm nearly finished working for a B.A. in Mathematics. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist; in high school I wanted to be a copy editor; now I want to be a high school math teacher—and later on, probably an actuary. I have always had many interests, but my mother always told me to stick to one thing, so I decided to stick with math and have a lot of hobbies.
Volunteering for great humanitarian organizations is something I was born to do. I volunteer in the religious education program and youth ministry at St. Dominic's Parish. I also volunteer for UNICEF's Tap Project. Soon, I will begin to volunteer for Recycled Resources for the Homeless. I have infinite interests that were self-taught, ranging from languages (I speak four), cooking "good and good for you" food, photography/videography, and computer skills, which make me my family's IT person. My other interests include voice impressions, recyclable crafting and walking my dogs through the beautiful streets of our neighborhood.
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