David O'Roscoe
David O'Roscoe is considered by many, well by a very few, to be one of the world's greatest authorities. He is committed, and in fact will insist on sharing his knowledge with you. Mr. O'Roscoe was orphaned at an early age by a freak philatelist accident. He was raised by a group of roving itinerant Los Angeles hairdressers who refused to drive. He was forced, by necessity, to get to know the city.  His hobbies include writing about himself in the third person.
Mr. O'Roscoe spent a few years as an editor and contributing feature writer for About.com, when both he and they were in their prime.  After 3.7 decades of nearly total monastic study, Mr. O'Roscoe holds an Associates degree from Absorbine Jr. College.
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