Born and raised in Highland Park, alum of Garvanza, Luther Burbank and Franklin schools. Right after High School though I ran like the wind away from here for to Venice Beach, then to Dallas, Texas and finally to NYC - with a lot of wandering abroad and within thrown in.
I returned to help family but have decided to stay. I live just inside Eagle Rock but work and move around more in Highland Park. I'm not going to say Northeast Los Angeles is my favorite place in the world but I will admit it ain't half bad. I've always worked for non-profit organizations, first arts and currently health care; I like to help. That said though, I'm not nearly as involved in community events/support as I should be... I know this and admit it freely; I've got poor follow-through sometimes. I'm long-winded and sometimes shoot off too much or too strongly, even to make a very simple point. If I've done that to you inappropriately, I'm sorry. If you've deserved it, expect I'll do it again.
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