School Choice Proposals Submitted for Franklin High School

The three proposals were submitted through a process designed to turn around the struggling High School.

Los Angeles Unified School District is currently reviewing three proposals submitted by groups within Benjamin Franklin High to address the school's ongoing struggle to meet the needs of English language learners, socioeconomically disadvantaged students and students with special needs.

The proposals were submitted though LAUSD's Public School Choice initiative. Through school choice,  schools that fail to reach LAUSD's academic benchmarks are opened to "groups of teachers, other educators with proven track records, nonprofit public organizations and charter school operators, to develop research-based instructional plans with the goal of improving student achievement."

along with 12 other LAUSD schools, to take part in the reform initiative.

"The school district last year requested Franklin to submit proposals for how it could better meet the needs of three distinct groups: students who have not mastered English, students who have special needs and students who are economically disadvantaged," wrote Richard McCarthy in a letter submitted on Thursday to the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council.

According to McCarthy's letter, three groups have submitted proposals, including Franklin High School's current administration, the Franklin Math, Science and Technology Magnet School and the Franklin High School Northeast Leadership Academy, which is a pilot school comprising current teachers. 

"Each of the proposals were accepted as 'Developing' and now must take steps to create an action plan for the coming school year and respond to the issues that were raised by the reviewers," McCarthy wrote in the letter. 

All three proposals can be downloaded from the media box above, or by going to the LAUSD Public School Choice website.

Tony Cardona January 20, 2013 at 09:49 PM
i agree with the under funding of public education and the way LAUSD has cut back on certain programs such as auto technology and shop classes. Not everyone was made to be a doctor or a lawyer, and the most important of all PARENTS need to be involved in their childs education.
frank robert January 21, 2013 at 04:32 AM
I'm reading through one of the proposals and it's providing data/test scores to illustrate how FHS is struggling to meet CA and even district-level standards and expectations. While each proposal deserves to be discussed on its merits, it's i think it's realistic to assume that no accepted proposal can fix the situation at FHS and LAUSD (and other CA schools—heck, I might as well say US schools). The problems at FHS begin at the elementary school and middle school levels and carry on to high school. The statistics and the need for such drastic proposals demonstrates an infrastructure that is corroded. The governments have clearly halted their investments in our children (this includes college students as well).
Richard McCarthy January 21, 2013 at 05:08 AM
Education needs in our area are significant. One of our greatest needs is volunteers. Franklin has many opportunities and is open to those who would like to help. Our solar challenge is looking for people who would like to work with students to compete in a contest involving building a solar powered boat. ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) Mentor program needs people in these fields to mentor interested students. The UCLA after schools program needs people to tutor. Academic Decathlon needs people to listen to students practice speeches, volunteer on the day of the competition. Students would like to start a bike club and need people who can teach them how to repair bikes. Have a cause, or an opinion (TOD Ave 57 Project, 710 freeway completion, Save the Southwest Museum) come and share it with the students. Our "Honor Work Project" is looking for people to interview about their jobs and what keeps them going to work. Step up, share a story, make a difference. Call the school, ask for me. Rich McCarthy
nonoise January 22, 2013 at 04:19 PM
Rich, sounds like your one of the good guys. But there are very few good guys that work at that school. Are those programs just for the "honor students"? Sounds like most of them are. Jose, do you teach at the school? Have you seen how some of the principals, administrators and others work or don't work? How much time as any parent spend there? No one can comment unless they are seen how there are many school employees that do no work at all. And, there are some that just push paper. And, there are some that do not care about students. My suggestion is to visit there.
Richard McCarthy January 22, 2013 at 09:15 PM
Volunteer and see


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