Highland Park Continuation School Has Green Dreams

The school is hoping to install portable garden beds, but is in need of some community support.

Some beautiful things happen inside Highland Park Continuation School at 928 N. Avenue 53. 

The transition school provides a second chance and a sense of belonging for students who have struggled in traditional educational environments.

"It's a challenge, but it's a worthwhile challenge," Enrique Gonzalez told Patch on Thursday afternoon.

However, for as promising as some of the developments inside the school's walls are, few would argue that the surroundings aren't in need of some color. 

"If you ever come to our campus, it's kind of dull and it's a little sad," said Marisol Mendoza, an office manager at the school.

Mendoza and Gonzalez--in collaboration with Woolly Pockets, a national organization that helps schools fund and build small garden beds--are on a mission to change that.

Highland Park Continuation School has recently launched a fundraising page on Woolly Pockets' website, in hopes of earning $1,000 to create garden space inside an approximately 30 square foot enclosure at the campus.

Click here to see the fundraiser page.

Gonzalez has worked with Woolly Pockets before. In 2005, while a principal at Frida Khalo School in South Los Angeles, he brought a garden to the school through the program.

He was also part of the team that last year worked with Enrich L.A. to begin the process of bringing a garden to Nightingale Middle School.

Gonzalez said the garden would not only brighten up the school, but also provide educational opportunities for students.

Not only that, he said, working on the garden would foster a sense of pride among students and parents.

"It help give them a sense of ownership over something at the school," he said.

Kay Erland February 16, 2013 at 08:51 PM
No PayPal option for payment on their support page - I don't want to leave a credit card number on a site like this, no matter how good the cause - Amazon or Google or PayPal don't require personal info.


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