Charter Won't Share Space at Franklin in 2013

PUC Charter Schools declined an offer to co-locate at Franklin.

will go another year without sharing its campus space with a charter school, according to the school's teachers union representative Monica Whalen. 

A message posted on June 7 on the "Save Franklin" Facebook page--a group of teachers and students that oppose charter school co-location at Franklin--stated that "No charter is comingt to Franklin!!"

In May,when officials from Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) declined an offer from LAUSD through California Proposition 39 to move its operations to Franklin's campus.

However, almost immediately after LAICHS declined the offer due to concerns that their students , Franklin administrators were informed that Partnership to Uplift Communities (PUC) charter schools were now considering a Proposition 39 offer from the district.

Proposition 39 requires public school districts to provide charter schools with facilities roughly equivalent to those of public schools. Among its provisions is one that requries districts to offer unused public school campus space to charters.

Whalen was an adamant opponent of co-location, saying it would limit Franklin's students' access to resources and materials.

"Their students would have access to our library to check out books, but we wouldn't have any checks to see they got returned," Whalen said, in attempt to sum up what she thought was an unbalanced relationship between charters and public schools through Prop. 39.

Whalen told Patch she believed that Franklin's potentially expanding on-campus Los Angeles Community College program and its currently unclear administrative picture--a new principal has yet to be named for the outgoing Joseph Nacorda--contributed to PUC's decision not to co-locate at the campus.

Shawn Richardson June 21, 2012 at 08:30 PM
My thoughts exactly Elijah. Talk about a bad example, all they have to do is scream and cry like little children and they don't have to share their toys.
Karla June 23, 2012 at 02:18 PM
These "toys" cost FHS thousands of dollars. It's not just library books - it's counselors, librarians, books, computers, sports equipment, insurance, nurses etc. Franklin never harassed or bullied ANY students. The primary reason FHS did not want a charter on campus was to protect current students. I would hope that as community members, you would be happy teachers show so much dedication & care about your children attending FHS.
Elijah H June 23, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Ah, so those were purchased with Franklin's money? I assumed they were purchased with district money, for public use. I didn't realize you were now a private school with private assets. In that case, you are absolutely right, no one else has the right to impinge on your use of those assets.
Karla June 24, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Not a charter.
Alice M. June 24, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Charters are PUBLIC schools, paid for the TAXPAYER funds. They educate OUR local children, who live on the SAME streets as the LAUSD students. But, because they don't typically have their school sites paid for like LAUSD schools, these PUBLIC (charter) school students are actually being cheated by the system, and each LAUSD student ends up costing taxpayers MORE than does each charter student (often with WORSE results). This is partly why Prop. 39 was passed--to equalize somewhat the playing field that financially favors district students over taxpayer-funded charters. To continue to bar them from the use of LAUSD's underutilized facilities is form of social injustice, and makes their education LESS equitably funded than other public schools. Charter school students are OUR children every bit as much as any current Franklin student, the main difference is they're not being taught by adherents to the zealous cult of teachers' UNIONS.


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