Charter School Association Accuses Franklin Teacher of 'Harassment'

LAICHS says they are unlikely to accept the district's co-location offer.

Following a protest outside Los Angeles International Charter High School held by teachers and students on Friday, March 30, lawyers for the California Charter School Association (CCSA) sent a letter to the Los Angeles Unified School district demanding that they put an end to the "harassing" behavior or face legal action.

The letter--sent last week by CCSA lawyers Latham & Watkins to LAUSD counsel--states that the protest , were "counter to the spirit of [California Prop. 39]," which requires the district to make open classroom space available for rent to charter schools.

"We are alerting you to these incidents to put LAUSD on notice that if the hostilities do not stop, and if LAUSD fails to take action to prevent its employees from harassing charter school students and teachers, CCSA will have no choice but to seek judicial relief," the correspondence states.

Los Angeles International Charter High School (LAICHS) is currently in the process of

The charter school first applied through Prop. 39 to move onto Franklin's campus in November, a move Whalen has argued would limit student access to gym and library facilities, burden staff with added administrative tasks and open the school to increased competition from the charter.

The move would also , which uses the bungalows for classrooms, computer labs and storage space.

In response to the potential move, Whalen authored a petition expressing the union's opposition to the potential move. As of Wednesday, it had 403 signatures.

"We want to make them know they're not going to be welcome," Whalen told Patch in a previous interview.

However, Whalen disputed the claims in the letter which stated that Franklin students were throwing rocks or blocking the entrance to LAICHS.

"We showed up in the morning and stood across the street and waved," she said "We held a big sign that said 'Join Franklin.' The cops drove right by us and didn't do anything."

She also denied that any students were offered extra credit to take part in the protest.

"Teachers were told not to offer extra credit, and they didn't," Whalen said. "When we asked students why they took part, they said it was because they wanted to keep Franklin whole."

She also scoffed at the notion that her petition violated provisions of Prop. 39 that require public schools to offer their facilities "in good faith."

"Do I want to share by counselors with a charter school? Do I want a learning community to be displaced? No. But I can't stop anybody from coming here. I don't wish violence on anyone," she said. "I'm just one person, I can't stop them from doing anything."

Tactics May Be Working for Franklin

Tony Torres--planning and development director for LAICHS--told Patch that students were "shaken" by the protest.

"There's a concern for safety among the students," Torres said.

He said LAICHS was "probably going to turn the offer down" despite the significant decrease in rent they would pay should they move to Franklin. He declined to discuss the financial details of the offer.

"We're still going to run it by students, teachers and faculty, but we've already heard from them," Torres.

LAICHS is required to respond to LAUSD's offer by May 1. Their lease at their current location at 625 Coleman Avenue doesn't expire until 2020.

Torres said the charter school's likely plan moving forward would be to reapply for Franklin's available classroom space next year, while attempting to bring "a sense of calm" to relationship between the two schools in the meantime.

BT April 14, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Natalie, you say "Franklin has such a rich and prestigious history that the community wants to preserve it". According to the schools report card this school is and has been in PI (program improvement) for years. Do we now associate rich and prestigious history with failure?
BT April 14, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Alice you and Susan sound like you got it right. Just look at the schools report card. they are failing these students and wont to keep the status quo.
BT April 14, 2012 at 02:37 AM
If you love them why are you failing them? Have you looked at your school report card.
Susan R April 14, 2012 at 03:31 PM
BT, AMEN !! You said it perfectly!
Rene Diedrich April 14, 2012 at 05:28 PM
You don't know what the hell you're talking about . I challenge you to teach 4o sophomores English or algebra 5 times a day. You wouldn't last five minutes . Students tend to be a great judge of character. It's pretty clear you have none,
Rene Diedrich April 14, 2012 at 05:41 PM
The money isn't yours. It belongs to taxpayers, who assume it is used for students. Look at how this business model is effecting us. We are supposed to care about these children above all else and these so called reforms ave parents and teachers at each others' throats , teachers battling for scraps on campus and Children who are fighting to hld on to what little is left of their futures. How about we recognize that our mission is the same and recognize who and what the true threat is ? We are, after all, so much less without each other.
Susan R April 14, 2012 at 05:47 PM
And, you know nothing about LAUSD wastefulness. I don't know if you are a teacher or a student, but you sure do not have the whole picture. I am sure there are some great students and some great teachers, but there are also lots of "paper pushers", school principals, vice principals, school psychologist, office workers, administrators, ect. These paper pushers do not contribute to the classroom. And, what about all the LAUSD district offices that have more "paper pushers"? Look at other schools systems across the nation that spend much, much less per student in the classroom and have much higher test scores and less drop out rates. And, there are lots of bad administrators and teachers that can not or will not be fired. Just look at the ones pushing paper on administative leaves and getting paid while being investigated. And, look at the pension plans for teachers that are about to go broke. There goes all the money for the schools. Who said there was not enough money for the schools? There is plenty. It is just being wasted. And, that would not be so bad if a lot of teachers did THEIR JOB.
Susan R April 14, 2012 at 05:50 PM
I think there is a lot of backlash from people that are products of LAUSD. The school system sucks! Now adults coming from that bad school system have a voice to speak up about it!
Rene Diedrich April 14, 2012 at 05:59 PM
Your eager need to blame others is a huge part of the problem. Teachers certainly own their share of responsibility for the mess were in. I am all to aware of our culpability. We've allowed district suits to exploit students and fell into complain envy with the false believe that our union would see us through anything. I was appalled to see so many Teachers who were indifferent, abusive, incompetent,, and just plain unfit for duty gen I began working in a very low performing HS . I know our students deserve better, and contraryt your broad generalizations and venomous ignorance, I worked diligently to deliver that to them, as do most of my colleagues. However, we are hindered by the district's corruption, poor leadership, overcrowded schools without enough resources, testing designed to make Scholastic richer and to usurp our profession and parents who are working three jobs to get by or worse yet no where to be found until their child faces flunking out of school. They suddenly take an interest in the last hour when it's too late. Then they blame teachers. The way you talk, teachers are responsible for the decline of Western civilization and global warming. Maybe we are. No one taught you to distinguish propaganda from logic, nor have you learned the basic parameters of gracious reason. Excuse me. It's time to drink my hemlock.
Rene Diedrich April 14, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Lol, I think there's a misunderstanding. I am with you 100% please visit our site. Www. Perdaily.com I apologize.we both are working for the same things.
BT April 14, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Rene D, I can’t help but notice your empty word and feeble attempts to insult. See I understand when your attempts to baffle us with your BS are clearly unsuccessful you go to personal attacks. I will stay above that and stick to the facts. The state of California puts the TEACHERS in the classroom solely in charge of whether or not a student in their classroom advances on or not. Not administrator not corrupt city officials not any of the people or entities you seem to wont to blame. According to the schools report card from the state of California this school is and has been in PI (program improvement) for a good 10 years. This is the same for most LAUSD schools. This means there are more student basic, below basic and far below basic than proficient or advanced. These students are not prepared to the next grade level, not prepared for collage, and not prepared for the work force. Yet you TEACHERS if you are a teacher continue to pass them on. Again; if you are a teacher, how many students have you passed on to the next grade level knowing they did not qualify for advancement or matriculation? Clearly you don't understand an uneducated civilization IS a declining civilization. I wont waste my time responding to your commit that "Students tend to be a great judge of character". wow... for real??????
BT April 14, 2012 at 09:30 PM
Thank you Susan R.
BT April 14, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Rene D, I can’t help but notice your empty word and feeble attempts to insult. See, I understand when your attempts to baffle us with your BS are clearly unsuccessful you go to personal attacks. I will stay above that and stick to the facts. The state of California puts the TEACHERS in the classroom solely in charge of whether or not a student in their classroom advances on or not. Not administrator not corrupt city officials not any of the people or entities you seem to wont to blame. According to the schools report card from the state of California this school is and has been in PI (program improvement) for a good 10 years. This is the same or similar for most LAUSD schools. This means there are more student basic, below basic and far below basic than proficient or advanced. These students are not prepared for the next grade level, not prepared for collage, and not prepared for the work force. Collages institutions and business have been telling you so-called educators this for years. Yet you TEACHERS (if you are a teacher) continue to pass these unprepared students on at a devastating cost to our society. Again; if you are a teacher, how many students have you passed on to the next grade level knowing they did not qualify for advancement or matriculation? See, what you clearly do not understand is an uneducated civilization IS a declining civilization.
Susan R April 14, 2012 at 10:33 PM
You have to see the website to understand which side Rene is on. It is written by the progressive movement which is very biased. I think this would take a one on one in person conversation to determine which side anyone is on. But looking at who is writing the articles on that website, and not really reading them, just looking at the authors I would say I am not on Rene's side. That is why I said it would take a one on one in person conversation to determine that.
BT April 14, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Thanks for that Susan R. I am on the side of our kid's and our country. A teacher’s job is to educate. If the students do not qualify for advancement or matriculation the teacher JOB and obligation per the state is to NOT advance them. Teachers DO YOUR JOB. Thanks Susan R.
Susan R April 15, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Thanks. Competition is good. It makes us better people and we produce better products, in this case better education. Those that are afraid of competition know they have an inferior product that they can no longer sell. And, kids deserve the best.
Bunnie April 15, 2012 at 08:24 AM
This is ridiculous. No wonder California in NUMBER 49 in the nation in education. Teachers don't care about the students. All they care about is their pension and insurance. It disgusts me. If you visit other states you have teachers who care about the students and aren't afraid of sharing. Franklin is a public school paid for by the taxpayers? Charter schools have the right to space for the students that choose charters. It's public education in a different form. All students are entitled to a public education? Charter schools are free and they are a choice. Some students that attend charter schools are there due to the fact they couldn't make it in their assigned school. Maybe they had learning disabilities or family issues. Should they be denied? I don't think so. Should they not be allowed to learn in another enviroment and be threatened by the same educators they just left?? I am only hearing fear of losing one's job. Again, teachers thinking of themselves using scare tactics. Come on..different bells, schedules? Rene and the crew should be ashamed of themselves..oh right they aren't.
Rene Diedrich April 15, 2012 at 10:12 AM
You may remember a huge campaign about the impact of preschools on students' success: the study was compelling and first 5waseverywhere even though head Start was crimping apart. Music was also cut by 60% even though the instruments are ready. Studies show music has an incredible power on young minds. Deasy doesn't give a damn that the Franklin day care center wins awards. He fired a sub recently for doing what she was supposed to. He did that after issuing a public reprimand. In light of how deasy dealt with Miiramonte, wasting FIVE MILLION to cya, He's not interested in best opinterests of anyone but himself. Don't squabble with each other. Demand justice. Recall Monica Garcia , force Deasy to resign and tell Lausd parents will hire his replacement.
Rene Diedrich April 15, 2012 at 10:14 AM
I think it's a mistake to take sides. I am on the kids ' side. The drop in enrollment at Franklin is troubling. Why have so many students left. To be honest, I am not supporting Franklin or this chartr per say. When I began teaching I wanted to work in a charter school because obviously LAusd is corrupt and school are so. Overcrowded its scary. Most urban Hs are built to hold 2000 students. Think about that.. 2000 teen angers! But LAUSD ( you can verify this one the sate sites and Lausd. Net) Crams an average of 3500 students in these schools!!! If Franklin is lost so many students and failed to improve, tere's a problem. Now I work in a real hood where gangs are common p,ace and I have to spend about $1000 a year for supplies, food, and things like deodorant and soap for student in foster care , group homes are just bad homes. I do this on the cheap and don't have an issue with spending my $ on kids. It's an investment, but correct me if I am wrong, but isn't MT. Washington a fairly affluent demographic with mostly white kids? If that's the case, there is something very wrong indeed. I suspect the school's students aren't wealthy, but my bet is they have lfewer challenges than most students living below the
Rene Diedrich April 15, 2012 at 10:27 AM
Some teachers may feel that way but to generalize is very unfair. Charter school teachers don't have tenure and earn less than those in traditional schools. I am a teacher who abides my conscious which is in line with the law. I reported noncompliance that endangered my sped students' lives and compromised their education. I called the inspector general about the avuse of funds at my school, only to discover the whole Beaudry dynamic is corrupt or complicit in slience. When an awful teacher forced a student in labor to finish her exam when she asked t be excused to go to an ER, I reported that too. Admin blew me off and soon after that teacher made absurd accusations about me and I was sent to the rubber room. My students protested, petitioned , wrote letters and still keep in touch. I've been there 2 years earning my pay by fighting Lausd. So please, don't assume you know ho I am. My career is ruined. I am 59 years, a neglect mo and I could end up homeless for doing the ight thing. Doubt you've made a sacrafice like I have and ad homineim is your fallacy ( one of them) not mine.
Rene Diedrich April 15, 2012 at 10:33 AM
Correction, I am 50, which means I am not retiring soon. You should also know I'd do it again and continue to report every bit of misconduct I see or hear--and there's a lot of that between Lausd and Utla , who comport themselves like organized criminals. They also hire folks to follow Internet activity of crusaders lke myself. Putting my name out there is dangerous, but I figure they're going to destroy my life either way. If I can get you people to see what the real issue is and to focus on the root of your problem, I will be happy I made sacrafices because my son and your children deserve to lead decent lives. Without an adequate education, that will not happen.
Susan R April 15, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Rene, Good for you that you are a whiisle blower. We definately need more people (especially teachers) that are. You know personally the bad things going on in the schools. I congratulate you for speaking up and doing the right thing. I know how difficult that is to go against an institution. I did it to in order to try to stop the Catholic church from banging their loud amplified sound system into my home. And, I went through a lot and still am, including Father Marco Ortiz taking me to court, (I won, he lost). So, I do support you for speaking up against wrongs and doing the right thing. It is not easy. It shows you have a big heart and strong convictions about doing the right thing. But I do disagree in the way to fix schools.
Rene Diedrich April 15, 2012 at 07:18 PM
I am not sure I have a way to fix schools so if you have a plan, I am all ears. It seems to me we need to get out if any business model nepbecause education is not another opportunity for fat cats to get richer. It's about building a better social structure so our kids can have a better life than our own. The district corruption is so entrenched, I suspect we are better off letting areas make their own small districts like tgey have in Pasadenad, BH, MB, RB, PV and LB, where the same demographic of LAUSDs PI schools are attending dustiinquished schools. The constant cuts are killing our ability to serve students. So is cronyism that typically protects bad teachers and criminal educRAT$. The admin at Lausd has grown 26% in less than 10 years. These are expensive , unnecessary positions that ultimately undermine schools. I can tell you things that will make your hair stand on end, if and when the truth about perverts, kick backs, and how our kids are perceived as little more than livestock becomes common knowledge, I predict a Bell type rebellion against Beadry and citizens arrests.charer schools are no better, but even though they've pitted the schools against each other where you are, they are part of the same gang. Make no mistake, Susan, these people are dangerous criminals with an insidous agenda. If we don't stop. Them, the impact they have on our country will be devestating.
Bunnie April 16, 2012 at 05:05 AM
I don't understand how teachers take issue with renting space to a charter and make it into whistle blowing, pervert outing and whatever else they feel like they need to get off their chest. I really don't care if you know what scarifices I have made in my life becaue I don't care what your agenda is. I only care about educating children so they can make it in the world. Again, the school districts in LA and CA are 49th in the nation. Does that not bother any teachers? Don't you have job pride? That bothers me and puts a spotlight on the teachers. In the private sector you would be fired for a performance like that. Your jobs are protected for you, not the kids. That's sick and the unions are to blame. Why bother with your job if you can stay no matter what? It's very weird. Nobody should be afraid to speak up. There are lawyers and others who will help you if this is an issue. Stop all this drama in the wrong direction and help these kids. The subject is always about something other than teaching kids. Again, a big percentage of children are in the charters and home school K-12 (which as you know is state public home school funded and the same union as teachers) because of issues in the schools. All children deserve a public education in any form and should not be denied space in any public school. Help the kids instead of turning it into something that it isn't. I hope your whistle blowing helps because it sounds like you want to do what's right for the children.
Susan R April 16, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Rene, maybe we are both on the same side on this issue. I too have seen things that would make your hair stand up. I have seen discrimination in many forms, and administrators that did not do what was right for the student, only for themselves and/or their agenda. I agree that breaking up the district is a great idea. But the unions would lose their power and they do not want that. I do not care if a teacher has a degree or not. That may sound strange, but I have seen gifted teachers with little experience and I have seen bad teachers with years and years of experience. If you have a gift to teach that is all that is needed. I would rather have a teacher with the gift of teaching and be successful with their students than a teacher with lots of education and experience and is a bad teacher. I too have seen a lot. Let's talk. If you would like to come to the neighborhood council meeting or if you know of a different meeting that I could attend, I am open to that. I think that probly our politics may be different but on this issue we are on the same page.
BT April 16, 2012 at 08:30 AM
Rene...I have a plane You teachers STOP PASSING STUDENTS TO THE NEXT GRADE LEVEL IF THEY DO NOT QUALIFY FOR ADVISEMENT! If YOU the teachers in the classroom continue this process of advancing this state’s K -12 students to the next grade level knowing they do not meet standards, we will continue to rank 49th.
Susan R April 16, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Special Education is a scam. Yes, there are some students that definately need it. But there are a lot that do not. Many, many students are just put into special education because they are board or do not want to sit down in their seat or because they daydream. That is why I say that Special Education is such a scam. It is putting a label on a kid that they can NEVER get rid of. So, be careful and not put your kid into special education. We are losing lots of students to special education, when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. There is little or no teaching in these special education classrooms. The schools are wasting millions of dollars on school psychologists and teachers aids and special education programs that do ABSOLUTELY nothing. And, students do not have to go get illegal drugs. They line up at the school nurses office to get the "legal" ones. Big money and big bucks. Biggest scam in the world. Where is all the money for the schools? In the pockets of drug companies and school psychologist and special education programs. Waste, waste, waste. All the LAUSD knows how to do is waste money. Wasted money and no education, that's LAUSD. Too many paper pushers and too much money for pensions. There is plenty of money. There is just too much waste.
Alan April 17, 2012 at 04:36 AM
Here is the API report for Benjamin Franklin Senior High School: http://api.cde.ca.gov/Acnt2011/2011GrowthSch.aspx?allcds=19647331933043 Every teacher at Benjamin Franklin knows: That for every 35 students (it is 35-1 ratio) that leave for a charter means that one of them will get laid off. There is a glut of unionized teachers already laid off. Any teacher still at Franklin is senior (all the junior teachers were already laid off as the parents/children fled the school). No charter will likely hire a senior unionized teacher laid off from a failing school. Therefore if they get laid off they will not find another teaching job. Charters look at their schools as better helping children learn. Unionized teachers view charters as threatening their livelihood. Both sides are correct, and Charters need to understand this and deal with them accordingly.
Anonymous Net. April 30, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Folks, do some research. LAICHS is an interesting case! very very interesting!
Rene Diedrich May 01, 2012 at 06:45 AM
Susan, I doubt the schools Teachers are hiding anything. They may feel defensive because the scores are so low,but I don't believe that the scores are accurate.mwhile cheating in reverse sounds weird it icannserve the district's purpose when it comes to charte schools. I don't blame the charter but displacing the SLC and early childhood center is just wrongl


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