Vehicle Thefts on the Rise in Highland Park

Six cart thefts were reported in the neighborhood in the last week.

Motor vehicle thefts are or in the rise in Highland Park, according to officials from the Northeast Los Angeles Police Department.

"Over the past week there has been an increase in GTA(Grand Theft Auto). Most of the vehicles have been taken from the street and parking lots of local businesses," said Senior Lead Officer Nina Preciado in a statement released by e-mail on Thursday. "They have occurred in the late night/early morning hours. The vehicles taken continue to be the Honda and Toyota's. Please take a few minutes to make sure your vehicle is secure. Here are a few tips on how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen."

According to crimemapping.com, six cart thefts were reported to the LAPD between Saturday, Feb. 11 and Thursday, Feb. 16. 

Officer Preciado offered the following tips for residents to assist in preventing car thefts:

  • Make sure your vehicle is locked and secured. If parking on the street, try to park near a light or high traffic area.
  • Use something that immobilizes your vehicle such as a steering wheel lock or a cut out switch for the fuel pump. Northeast station is still offering "The Club" steering wheel lock for $12.00. Please contact our Detectives at (323)344-5757 for further information.
  • Please report any suspicious activity such as someone looking into vehicles or trying car doors to see if they are open.


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