UPDATED: Westwood Polling Place Receives Voting Machines, Supplies

Poll workers are forced to hold an 'emergency opening' before receiving supplies at the Vintage Westwood Horizons polling place.

A polling place in Westwood went hours without crucial voting equipment after the site inspector called in sick Tuesday.

Poll workers at Vintage Westwood Horizons were forced to hold an "emergency opening" until just after 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, when voting supplies were received.

Voters were asked early in the morning to manually fill out their ballots, instead of using machines.

"We have everything to allow the voters to vote," voting coordinator Kathleen Kurkjian said early Tuesday morning.

Voters could fill in their ballots manually at Vintage Westwood Horizons or vote provisionally with machines at another precinct.

"It's just shocking to the voters," Kurkjian said about the lack of traditional voting supplies.

Some voters were frustrated by the delay at the polling place.

"I think it's ridiculous," said Brad Ridgley, who decided to come back later in the afternoon to cast his ballot.

Despite the shaky start to Election Day, Kurkjian said things were going well at the polls.

"The county has really provided for emergencies," she said.

Don't know where your polling place is located? Find out here.

Follow your local Patch site throughout the day Tuesday for the latest election news as reporters cover state assembly races, congressional races, state propositions and other local races.

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