Mount Washington Association President Asked to Leave 'Friends' Meeting (Video)

Debate was sparked over Mount Washington Association President Rob Schraff's comments that the 'Friends' were a fringe organization.

Just how much does the Highland Park-Mount Washington community support the Friends of Southwest Museum coaltion?

That very question led to a brief debate during a 'Friends' meeting at the on Wednesday night, which ended inPresident Rob Schraff being ejected.

The 'Friends' were meeting after being dealt a at the hands of the Los Angeles City Council last week in their effort to halt the Autry National Center's of their Griffith Park campus.

Schraff spoke in favor of the proposed renovation, which the coaltion staunchly opposes on the grounds that it could jeopardize the future of the .

The debate began when member Stan Moore asserted that claims by Schraff--that the 'Friends' are a fringe organization--were untrue.

"We represent 70 organizations locally and regionally. The man who walked out the door and just walked back in, lied in the last two week and referred to us as a small group of malcontents," Moore said.

"Where are they, Stan?" Schraff replied.

As seen in the video, the debate continued until 'Friends' member Nicole Possert asked Scraff to leave, a request to which Schraff immediatley complied.

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The MOG August 28, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Anon. Posts? You mean by Adam Starr...ur...Rob Schraff? Anna, you can believe I'm who I say I am, and yes, I guess my previous comments were immature. Now, can we agree the conduct of your fromer MWA Pres., that resulted in his ejection from Friends Meeting was a bit immature? BTW, Mr. Scrhraff indicates MWA no longer supports Friends Of SW Museum. Why not?


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