Legassie Responds to Missing Items Inventory

Location of mystery shed is revealed in report.

Attendees of Monday's Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council meeting at Ramona Hall were greeted by stacks of documents and a tri-fold poster board presentation detailing former Treasurer Mark Legassie's response to an inventory presented by current Treasruer Judy Knapton last month claiming that more than $11,000 in board property had gone missing.

[Click here to see the story about Knapton's presentation]

In his presentation, which can be viewed in the media box above, Legassie states that Knapton's inventory was inaccurate, because it lists items valued at less than $1,000 as missing.

Legassie asserts that the Neighborhood Council's Treasurer's Handbook only requires that items valued at greater than $1,000 and having a shelf-life of more than three years be inventoried.

In his presentation, Legassie also claims that Knapton's report was inaccurate because it listed as missing items that were purchased for other community groups, such as $1,000 Neighborhood Purposes Grant to Noah's Wish for emergency pet housing.

The report also, finally, reveals the whereabouts of the oft-discussed storage shed, which was purchased for the Hermon Community Emergency Response Team to use as storage for emergency supplies. According to Legassie, the shed is located on the property of Hermon Community Church.

Legassie's report is not the first example of the former treasurer going to great lengths to dispute a report drafted by Knapton. In December 2011, Legassie drafted a detailed response to a Knapton budget report listing items allegedly purchased outside of the ASNC's authority.

The MOG November 28, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Me Thinks Mark protests too much. There is no storage bin behind Hermon Community Church. CERT's inventory of the items in question, place them at various storage places INSIDE the building. There is some talk of a bin up on the Old Pacific Christian site, but nothing "behind" the church, as previously stated.
The MOG November 28, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Under Mark's logic, he can legally purchase, on his own initiative, over $10,000 worth of items, and never have to account for any of it, as long as the price of items are kept under $999.00 This fisaco doesn't pass the smell test. I think the new treasurer is to be commended for her work in sorting out the mess left by Mark's casual attitude, "I didn't keep track, because the rules say I didn't have to." That's not acceptable. Ten grand isn't chicken feed. A thousand for Mark's Pet Pet Food Project? And what part of NCs are NOT allowed to make purchases for other groups, does Mark fail to understans?
Alex S Bowman November 28, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Just add some clarification, there is a storage bin behind the Hermon Community Church. Some items use to be held inside the building but are now housed inside the bin. I am the associate Pastor of the Hermon CC.
RICHARD ROSAS January 07, 2013 at 07:06 AM
Mark works his ass off for this community and has done nothing but good. my family has been in Los Angeles since 1700s. Grandfather Louie Carbone worked with Rosevelt, Giunini and had Carbone Winery on Spring St before Prohabition. I am a disabled UNITED STATES COMBAT VETERAN serving over in Beirut Lebannon 1983 Bombing of Marine Corp. BLT. I was on triage. i am trained in Nuclear Biological and Chemical firefighting, corpsman, aviation tech,associate engineer with PTSD,BIPOLAR,PSYCHOSIS. I have traveled world and met many types of people. You folks are full of it. come see me anytime. in fact here is my phone number 3234766191 stop talking out of your ass! Mark can not only be trusted he and i developed one of the Nations top Emergency Plans FOR ALL HERMON COMUNITY! MOG U BEST STOP SLANDERING MARK! Im a NEW YORK TEAMSTER FOR LIFE! Dont make me call my buddy Bobby Shapiro on you! FUGETABOUTIT!


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