Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council Meeting Agenda

Thursday night's meeting includes a discussion of "The State of Highland Park," a UCLA demographic study.

Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council logo. Credit: HHPNC
Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council logo. Credit: HHPNC

The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council is scheduled to hold its monthly board meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16, at the Highland Park Adult Senior Citizen Center, located at 6152 N. Figueroa St. The meeting, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., is open to the public. Here is the meeting’s agenda:

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Council District 1 Report

D. Council District 14 Report

E. Assembly District 51 Report

F. Mayor’s Office Report

G. President’s Report

H. LAPD Report

I. Board Announcements

J. Outreach Committee Report

K. Rules Committee Report

L. Land Use Committee Report

M. Ad Hoc Camera Project Report

N. Treasurers Report

O. Public Comments (Limited to 10 minutes, maximum 2 minutes per speaker)

Action Items:

1. Approve Agenda.

2. Approve Minutes.

3. Tabled. Motion to approve NPG for the HP Chamber of Commerce. For the NELA Holiday Parade. The amount not to exceed $500.00. - J.Potter / Yolanda Noguiera.

4. Tabled. Motion to develop and sponsor a program to encourage local shopping via a “Shop HLP Discount Day” - M. Alcaraz.

5. Tabled- Motion to establish a “Shop HLP Discount Card.” Approve no more than $100 for purchase Discount Cards. – M. Alcaraz.

6. Tabled. Motion to approve the HHPNC hosting a Pet Adoption day. - A. Salcido.

7. Tabled. Motion and discussion to approve the NPG for the Peace in the Northeast Walk up to but not to exceed 500.00. – T. Bonsell.

8. Tabled. Discussion & Motion: Jesus Fernandez will present plans to build a 4 Home Small Lot Subdivision in Highland Park at 6815 Hough St.; motion to approve letter of support. – H. Slater.

9. Discussion of the "The State of Highland Park" demographic study. - F. Villa.

10. Discussion of publishing agendas in languages other than English to increase outreach and awareness. - F. Villa.

11. Progress report of the HHPNC Community Service Award. - F. Villa.

12. Motion to approve MOU with LAPD for camera project. – M. Alcaraz. 

13. Discussion and possible motion to approve one meeting per month. – M. Alcaraz.

14. Board approval of the monthly expenditure report for November 2013 – J. Potter.

15. Discussion of plans to spend the $10,000 allocated for Community Improvement in the budget for 2013-2014. – J.Potter.

16. Motion to direct Land Use Committee to work with Council District 1 on implementing complete street for Figueroa corridor. – M. Alcaraz.

17. Motion to approve blood drive for Highland Park. – M. Alcaraz.

18. Motion to support the Arroyo Seco Regional Library with promotion of 100th Birthday Celebration. – M. Alcaraz.

19. Motion to award RuckusRoots $1,000 in NPG for a neighborhood youth/environmental/art/community engagement project. – H. Huezo.

20. New Business.

21. Adjournment.


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