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Aaron Salcido explains what drove him to run for office.

Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council member Aaron Salcido thought he had found the perfect neighborhood when bought a home near Avenue 50 and York Boulevard.

As he explains in a piece published on Zócalo Public Square, he eventually found a few things about his new home he'd like to improve.

"For one, I’d neglected to take a step back and look at my street. It was not in good shape. The pavement was broken, cracked, and uneven. Worse, there was litter everywhere," he writes. "The hills of Highland Park are windy, and the gusts seemed to send every piece of old trash—empty beer cans, a partially eaten burrito, an assortment of paintbrushes—to a resting place in front of my house."

In the blog post, Salcido explains how he found the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council in his quest to make improvements on his block, and how eventually made the decision to run in last October's elections.

Read Salcido's piece here, which also includes some memorable anecdotes about his interactions with community members during his campaign.

h/t @thepublicsquare

ChickenBoyFan February 01, 2013 at 12:32 AM
Your story is an inspirational one. You are the the clear and present future of our beloved hamlet. Bravo for joining us here in the NE. It's sleeve rolling time. Looking forward to your next project.
Rev M G Martinez, ULC February 02, 2013 at 08:51 PM
Yes, indeed... it is nice to have you, along with the rest of us, who have rolled up our sleeves, over the years, to join together, engaged in efforts for the common good. While we all recognize the work is a Group Effort, individuals committed to pet projects, can only spur further improvements, by way of building a friendly competiton; among like minded people, in a race to accomplish the most good, for everybody.


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