Franklin Slated for School Choice Reform

Teachers would need to reapply for jobs.

LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy last week released the names of 13 schools slated for reform under the district's public school choice initiative, one of which includes Highland Park's . 

Through the reform initiative, schools that fail to reach LAUSD's academic benchmarks are opened to "groups of teachers, other educators with proven track records, nonprofit public organizations and charter school operators, to develop research-based instructional plans with the goal of improving student achievement."

“The Public School Choice process is intended to accelerate lagging student achievement at these schools and provide additional opportunities for students to
succeed academically,” Deasy said.

Highland Park and Mount Washington residents need look no further than the recently opened for an example of a LAUSD high school that completed the school choice process.

Sotomayor is home to a mix of distinct charter and pilot schools, all of which applied to operate there while the school was still under construction.

The obvious distinction is that Sotomayor was opened as a school choice institution, whereas current members of Franklin's staff will be forced to reapply for their positions.

FHS Principal Joseph Narcorda could not be reached at the time of this posting.

Susan R November 30, 2011 at 04:05 PM
OMG!! Whatever got into them? Whatever made someone see the light? This news is shocking. Maybe the person that started the public school choice initative deserves all the credit, or the people that did it. Unbelieveable that taxpayers that pay for the schools will be given a choice. Amazingly shocking!!!!!


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