Elections, Grants, Police Museum on Neighborhood Council Agenda

The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council will meet on Thursday, January 5 at 7 p.m. inside the Highland Park Adult Senior Citizens Center.

The will deliberate on a full agenda when they convene on Thursday evening, with items ranging from a discussion on the possibility of providing more community access to the on York Boulevard to an update on recently approved grants.

A full copy of the HHPNC Agenda can be downloaded from the media box at the right.

Highlighted below are some items that are likely to stir up some discussion among board members.

Follow up for Neighborhood Purposes Grant recipients:

The HHPNC's recently approved accountability form will be put to the test for the first time on Thursday evening, as recent grant recipients--among them Franklin High School and Hathaway Sycamores Child and Family Services, will be required to provide updates on the progress of the projects for which they received funds.

The Neighborhood Council voted to due to concerns that funds were being allocated for projects that did not benefit a broad enough portion of the community.

Police Museum Access

Board member Richard Marquez has penned a motion seeking board approval to write a letter to the Los Angeles Police Historical Society's board of directors, with regards to what Marquez feels is a lack of community access to the museum.

"Welcome to Highland Park" Sign

The board will discuss the "locations, names and types of gateway markers" to be place along the border of Highland Park. The signs would greet motorists as they enter the neighborhood from neighboring communities and cities. However, some questions have been raised about the neighborhood's official boundaries. Some board members have suggested it would be more appropriate to place a welcome sign in the unofficial center of the neighborhood at the corner of York and Figueroa.


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