City to Discuss Mural Ordinance in Eagle Rock on Thursday

Community will have their chance to help shape the longstanding mural ban.

When Tanner Blackman, of the department of city planning code studies department, went before the city council last month to announce his efforts to construct an ordinance more favorable to murals on private property, he faced a surprising backlash from the arts community. 

Though Blackman was seeking permission from the council to begin crafting an ordinance that would allow murals on Los Angeles' private buildings for the first time since 2002, several artists said they were frustrated by the lack of input they had in crafting the new regulations.

Elizabeth Espinoza, a community art historian from the United Painters of Public Art, said she could not support the motion because muralists from across the city were not involved in the mural working group.

"They have not been invited to cultural affairs meetings. This item deletes the voice of the community muralist and we don't appreciate that," Espinoza said.

Blackman spoke to Patch at the recent unveiling of , said that their may have been some misunderstanding in the arts community about the process through which the mural ordinance would be crafted.

There would be plenty of opportunities for the community to weigh in before the ordinance was approved, Blackman said.

One of those opportunities will come tomorrow evening at Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock. 

According to a flier distributed about the meeting, "Blackman will present on recent actions by the city council to end the current ban on murals and seek input from muralists, artists and community members on how to shape the new ordinance."

The meeting will be held from 6-7 p.m. at Cactus Gallery on 4534 Eagle Rock Boulevard. All members of the community are invited to attend.


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