‘Tremendous Lesson’ For Suspect in School Threats

Volatile cyber threats will be severely dealt with, LAPD Capt. Bill Murphy tells the Northeast Community Police Advisory Board meeting, where he announced the arrest of a suspect in the 2008 slaying of a sheriff's deputy.

A 24-year-old man arrested for allegedly threatening violence in local schools through messages posted on Facebook “got taught a tremendous lesson” even though prosecutors have declined to file charges against him because the threats were not directed at any specific location, Los Angeles Police Department Capt. Bill Murphy told a community meeting Monday.

“The public has to absolutely realize that when you send stuff out there on Facebook that’s of a threatening nature—and in this case there were some explosive words used—we’re going to take some action,” Murphy said at the Community Police Advisory Board meeting, held monthly at the Northeast Community Station on San Fernando Road.

‘Better Safe Than Sorry’

Officers at the station “kind of suspected” that the District Attorney’s office might not prosecute Kyle Bangayan, the man they arrested Sunday morning, but “in our job, it’s better to be safe than sorry,” Murphy said.

Bangayan, a student at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, was arrested from the East Hollywood home of his parents, where officers found nine firearms.

An anonymous tip from a friend of Bangayan’s alerted Northeast officers and FBI agents to the Pomona student’s alleged Facebook threats, Murphy said.

The captain said that although the weapons found at Bangayan’s parents’ home were licensed, they did not belong to either him or his parents but to relatives in the family.

“We took all the guns away,” Murphy said, adding: “There was too much there not to take action.”

‘Commitment to Schools’

At a news conference Monday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that starting in January, his officers would pay daily visits to all public and private schools in the city in an effort to prevent the kind of mass shootings that left 20 elementary school children and six adults dead in the Connecticut town of Newtown Friday.

“We’re going to make a tremendous commitment to schools,” Murphy said. “I don’t know what that will look like—whether we’ll do it until the community heals and the fear goes down or if we’ll do it forever.”

There are about 60 public and five private schools in the 30-square-mile area under the Northeast Community Police Station’s jurisdiction, Murphy said, adding that “the chief [Beck] had mentioned there are some 600 schools citywide.”

Visiting that many schools “in one day, every day, is going to be a huge challenge,” Murphy said. “But we’re going to do it—all hands will be on deck for that particular assignment.”

In fact, Northeast LAPD patrol officers and detectives managed to visit all the public schools in the area on Friday shortly after news about the Newtown shootings broke, Murphy said.

Suspect Arrested in Fatal 2008 Slaying of Sheriff’s Deputy

Murphy also announced the recent arrest in Mexico of Armando Albarran, a Northeast L.A. resident who is among six alleged members or associates of the Avenues gang charged with the Aug. 2, 2008 murder in Cypress Park of Juan Abel Escalante, an L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy.

Escalante, who grew up in Cypress Park, was gunned down outside his parents' home by a carload of alleged Avenues members or associates, Murphy said. Albarran, who was sitting in the back of the car, fled to Mexico, and an LAPD “fugitive team” worked with U.S. Marshalls to track him down.

“It took us four years to find him, we got him extradited and he’s in our custody now,” the captain said.

La Casa de Bernarda Alba December 18, 2012 at 04:00 PM
How many of us have blurted out inadvertently something that we immediately regretted? I'm guilty of it too! And, for everyone who misspoke for whatever reason, take greater caution in your words. It's usually your words that will provoke a reaction from the police authority. Which may result in your life changing drastically if arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. For law enforcement - including those in leadership...remember that you too may have stated something you regretted; but, meant nothing by it. Instead follow quiet reflection, and with quiet reflection will follow the correct action. For Law Enforcement, I realize that there must be a response...but I believe current responses are reactionary in nature. Why are we not proactively doing more to educate people to the dangers of making threatening, insensitive statements? Sadly, reality shows and television highlight people constantly making threatening statements and they do not wind up arrested? For the uneducated or unsophisticated audience, he or she falsely believes it normal, acceptable behavior and does realize this a new America and such words whether in print or oral can lead to BIG TROUBLE! My sincerest condolences to the 26 victims. May they rest in peace and their families find comfort in family, friends, community, and country! God Bless you all.
Nimby pimp December 18, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Congratulations to the LAPD "fugitive team" who tracked down one of the cowards who killed Deputy Escalante!
ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 18, 2012 at 06:18 PM
What lesson did this person learn by being arrested only to be released ? No charges filed because no specific threat, just a generalized one ? I am glad the arsenal was seized. That those were relitive's guns smacks of something not good. I suppose the guns will eventually be returned to rightful owners. Daily visits to schools is a nice gesture, but ineffective. Gun control is a very hot button and a long way off from being activated. The most immediate solution is making schools almost impossible to break into. A constant surveilance via video cam with a real live watcher is a step. The killer took an assault rifle from his car and walked to the entrance. He was not seen by anyone who could have made a difference. No glass in doors, but a peep hole. Metal detectors at each door that sounds an alarm. At least one armed security guard roaming the grounds. When these thngs are done, then I will know that "they" are really serious.


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