Patients Union Provides Alternatives to Dispensaries Ban

The motions would call for more strictly monitoring dispensaries, while still allowing them operate.

With Councilman José Huizar's marijuana dispensary ban ordinance soon headed to the Los Angeles City Council for approval, the Union of Medical Marijuana Patients has crafted a pair of alternatives that they hope will keep the shops open.

From the Union of Medical Marijuana Patients:

After consulting with Council staff, we and our attorneys have developed two motions: the first motion orders the L.A.P.D. and City officials to enforce current public nuisance abatement laws, while high court decisions are made that will decide how cities can regulate; the second motion provides an alternative to a complete ban, which we’re calling a “ban in abeyance” or soft ban, which requires proof of good behavior for a dispensary to continue operating and points to ways to regulate (including using third party verification) which can be implemented regardless of court decisions.

Huizar's ban would shutter all of Los Angeles' dispensaries, while still allowing patients or certified caregivers to grow medical marijuana.

According to Huizar, his ordinance is in response to the California Second District Court of Appeal's finding the case of Pack v. the City of Long Beach, in which the court ruled that Long Beach's medical marijuana ordinance violated federal law by attempting to regulate the sale of a federally prohibited substance.

The ruling declares that states are only allowed to decriminalize marijuana, not regulate it.

Though the --as well as --seemingly closing the door on potential lawsuits, Huizar said it was "more imperative than ever" that the city ban dispensaries.

The alternatives proposed by the union would call for city to more stringently police the nuissances that oppoenent associate with marijuana dispensaries--such as loitering and second hand sales of marijuana to minors--while allowing shops in good standing to remain open.

Copies of the alternative ordinances can be downloaded from the media box on the right.

The The Union of Medical Marijuana Patients plans to hold a press conference Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. in the hallway outside the Council Chamber at downtown City Hall.

Rob Schraff January 31, 2012 at 11:10 PM
I live in Michael Larsen's "greater Eagle Rock,"(There goes that man again!) and have since '88 (except for about 9 months in Mid-Wilshire/Glendale). Highland Park/Mt. Washington, to be specific, just a few blocks from the long-running illegal and dangerous drug bazaar at Monte Vista and Ave 50. (Maybe the cops and Mr. Huizar should refocus their efforts?) I spend lots of money in Eagle Rock, both of my kids go/went to school there, and my son uses Yosemite Rec. Center for sports leagues and after school care. My wife an I have owned our house, which we restored, for 20 years. I have a long track record as a volunteer in both schools and neighborhood. I think I'm vested as a member of the community. But, I'll tell you what, from now on I will also spend my (very limited) clinic dollars at AEC so I have a completely transparent interest in this discussion. I've been looking, and I've never driven by when there isn't street parking on Colorado. And if we want to stay on point, what does where I live have to do with Mr. Huizar and Mr. Larsen's efforts to punish all medical marijuana patients and encourage street drug trade across Los Angeles?
Barry January 31, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Make sure when you come to AEC that you bring four or five other guys with you and let them sit in the car and make sure to turn your car stereo up really loud so everyone will know you are here. And if you forget what one of the other guys wants you to get them, just go ahead and yell to them up the street to make sure you get their order right. While you're at it, why park on Colorado Blvd? Just go ahead and park in one of the neighbors driveways and I don't mean block it, I mean just pull right on in, you're only going to be "in there for a minute" and lastly make sure you leave all your little brown bags right there in the street someone will pick it up. If youre going to AEC you might as well get the full experience. Your shennanigans wouldn't be something we haven't all grown accustom to in the last three years.
Little Lebowski February 01, 2012 at 12:19 AM
I agree, Ajay, my legalization discussion is taking us off-topic. The issue of how to best provide safe access for medical cannabis in light of the recent CA. Supreme Court ruling is certainly the most pressing issue at hand. What is fascinating is that Mr. Huizar and his supporters vocally and continuously express their support for Prop. 215 and their compassion for "legitimate patients", and yet their actual proposals utterly disregard the needs of these patients. As I mentioned in another thread, medical cannabis cultivation requires some expertise, not to mention expensive equipment, electricity, and a yard or indoor growing area. Simply telling a seriously ill person to grow their own---when they or their caregiver may not have the ability to do so---is completely unrealistic. And yet, when the Union of MMJ patients puts forth a possible compromise that actually takes into account patient needs, their proposal is subjected to immediate ridicule. There may be plenty of bad actors abusing the system as it currently stands, but Mr. Huizar's cynical "all or nothing" approach will only make matters worse.
Michael Larsen February 01, 2012 at 09:03 PM
This video pretty much sums up the state of medical marijuana in Los Angeles: http://youtu.be/WevTQKeTKoc
STARCHY February 03, 2012 at 07:06 PM
"sums up the state of MM in Los Angeles"... indeed it does! two adults doing what they want, not harming or bothering anyone in the process. lets see: they smoke out, eat a cheeseburger and hit the hot tub. Oh the horror!!!! Now Michael Larsen would have you believe that hot tubs and food trucks should be outlawed because of all this dangerous behavior. I say this video sums up the fears of Mr Larsen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQzkDzLw_gA


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