LAPD Provides More Details on Alleged Bank Exec Beating

LAPD Officers say Mulligan's accusation that he was held in a hotel room against his will are untrue.

The Los Angeles Police Department's Force Investigation Division is looking into a May 15 incident during which the media director for one of the world's largest banks was hospitalized while being arrested in Highland Park.

Brian Mulligan, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media and Telecommunications for Deutsche Bank, alleges that he was arrested without cause on suspicion that he was attempting to jimmy open car doors in Highland Park on May 15. TMZ.com reports that Mulligan alleges he was beaten by officers after attempting to leave a hotel room where he was held for hours without being given any information about his arrest.

Mulligan is expected to file a lawsuit of up to $100 million this week, TMZ.com reports.

Lt. Andy Neiman, a spokesperson for LAPD,  said the Force Investigation Division's inquiry is likely to take up to a year to complete.

He told Patch that Mulligan has never filed any official complaint with LAPD, and that the department first heard his side of the story through TMZ.com.

The version of May 15's events provided by LAPD varies significantly from TMZ's story.

According to Neiman, officers first encountered Mulligan at around 10:40 p.m. after being called to the Jack in the Box restaurant at 4470 Eagle Rock Boulevard, where Mulligan was allegedly attempting to open the doors of cars that were passing through the drive through.

Neiman said that officers on the scene reported that Mulligan appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Drug Recognition Expert was called to the scene to conduct a field sobriety test, which showed that Mulligan did not appear to have any drugs in his system.

Officers then took Mulligan to his car, Neiman said, where they found a large sum of cash. The officers then conducted a money count, Neiman said, which is a standard procedure meant to preclude any accusations of theft.

Mulligan was not arrested, Neiman said, and was taken to the Highland Hotel to rest after complaining of exhaustion.

"That was the last of that incident," Neiman said. 

Police then encountered Mulligan again at about 1 a.m. while responding to a traffic collision near Lincoln and Eagle Rock Boulevards.

"Officers saw Mulligan running through traffic and again attempting to open car doors," Neiman said.

When officers approached Mulligan, Neiman said Mulligan "took a fighting stance and charged officers. In controlling him, categorical use of force was employed."

LAPD defines categorical use of force as any use of force that results in the hospitalization of a person.

Neiman said the Force Investigation Division is tasked with determining if that the officer's use of force was necessary.

Punk Attitude August 14, 2012 at 06:31 PM
This guy is angry he was caught totally high. And furthermore why would this guy be staying in a Highland Park hotel if he's some chief operating office of a bank and not in Pasadena. All seems a bit sketch and then the cash. LAPD should ride this out. Another Bernie Madoff character no doubt.
carol van beek August 14, 2012 at 07:37 PM
This Patch story has more holes than swiss cheese. What was this big wheel guy doing in Highland Park to begin with? And at a Jack in the Box, no less. Why was he trying to jimmy open cars? Why wasn't he arrested the first time for attempted burglary? Why did the police take him to a motel when he could have driven his own car? Why, if he thought he was being kidnapped didn't he call 911, a friend, a lawyer, someone? What is his explanation for having so much money in his car (thousands I read somewhere) ? Can you fill in some details so this story makes some kind of sense, Patch?
Johnny123 August 27, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Why did this guy have lots of cash on him? Because he was likely buying things from people who don't take credit cards. Why did he go to a cheap motel when he's rich? Because the chances of getting recognized/arrested while on a bender are much greater at the 4 Seasons than at a fleabag drug den motel.
Tina Gulotta-Miller September 10, 2012 at 05:08 PM
According to the Patch article........ Neiman said that officers on the scene reported that Mulligan appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Drug Recognition Expert was called to the scene to conduct a field sobriety test, which showed that Mulligan did not appear to have any drugs in his system. So what explains the second incident of Mulligan running out in traffic trying to open car doors? Erratic behavior in traffic = endangerment.......How about a psych evaluation? Then they see him at 1:00am while responding to a traffic colliion and trying to open doors in traffic again. He was trying to open car doors that were going through the drive-thru at the Jack in the Box. They found a large sum off cash.....counted it and then took him to the Highland Hotel. It sounds more like "The French Connection" or "Serpico". Hey I know this dates me but the Seventies had every scenario in TV and Movie form available in the law enforcement genre. The incident reported makes me concerned about Mulligan and his condition but the reaction from the police the first and second time they encountered him is troubling and confusing to say the least.


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