Video: Inside Mount Washington's House of Summer

"Up the Street" visits the home of master cabinetmaker Mark Feinberg where cabinetry and furniture is balanced by nature everywhere.

It’s officially the start of summer.  School’s over, the days are long, and all we want to do is live outdoors.

Welcome to June’s Up the Street visit to the home of Mark and Arlette Feinberg, where inside flows to outside as naturally as a summer breeze.

Far-ranging vistas from the indoor tub are anchored by master cabinetmaker Mark’s furniture and cabinetry.

The outdoor shower that looks to Hollywood is surrounded by an intimate garden that catches the best light of sunset’s "magic hour."

Flowering vines tumble from the second story and there’s a hammock with a view to forever.

In other words, it’s a house built for summer.

The Epiphany and a Happy Accident

Mark originally planned to build his house at the higher end of the street-to-street lot and his Mount Washington Wood Works studio at the lower end.  One day, he was standing on the planned site of the shop and had the epiphany of stacking the house on top of the studio in order to save more of the lot for the garden.

An added bonus?  The first time Mark climbed a ladder in the newly framed, double-decker structure, he realized the second story took full advantage of the site’s views of Pasadena, Glendale, and Hollywood.

Because he designed the house himself, he had the flexibility to take full advantage of this happy accident.  As a result, instead of art, large windows frame tangles of greenery and paint-worthy panoramas.

Far-Ranging Influences and Notable Projects

In addition to extensive travels in Asia, Europe, and Mexico, where he met Arlette, Mark cites influences that range from the Greene and Greene and Craftsman/Arts and Crafts movements to his uncle, Mid-Century Palm Springs architect Donald Wexler.

Contemporary influences include Santa Monica architect Bob Ramirez and Mark's close friend, builder Mark Van Slooten, who helped him with the foundation and framing. 

Mark has created pieces for Leonard Nimoy, Cardinal Roger Mahoney, Tom Schnabel, and Renee Montagne.  Public projects include work for KCRW, Caltech, Walt Disney Studios, USC, Occidental College and the Kodak Theater.

The result of these many influences is a house that is as comfortable to live in as it is beautiful to look at, and a home that effortlessly welcomes guests and the seasons.

It's a house that says, "Hello, summer!"


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