Letter to the Editor--State Farm's Julie Montenegro Supports Aldama Elementary

Julie Montenegro is the latest local business owner to form a partnership with Aldama Elementary School.

This following written by Aldama PTA member Monica Alcaraz.

Local State Farm Agent Julie Montenegro is the newest member of the Highland Park business community to partner with and support .  Aldama Elementary will receive a $15 donation for new clients that mention Aldama Elementary's referral program and purchase a new service: services include financial, auto insurance, house insurance and life insurance. This is part of an ongoing partnership with Aldama Elementary. Supporters can download the attached flyer for more information. Julie's office will provide free quotes and "Se Habla Espanol." 

"I am happy to support Aldama Elementary, I am part of the community and it just makes good business to support our local schools!" said Montenegro.

The Aldama PTA is ecstatic that Julie Montenegro has partnered with us as this program has so much potential, and we hope it will help foster new partnerships within the local businesses community. We are aggressively looking to form new partnerships in our community and we know if businesses support our school our Aldama community will support them. Any one interested in partnering with Aldama can contact Monica Alcaraz at malcaraz13@gmail.com.

The proceeds will support our Playworks Program. Each year the school PTA has to raise $25,500 to keep the program going. Playworks provides an unparalleled opportunity to foster the physical, social and emotional development of our children. Exclusively working on-site with low-income schools such as Aldama Elementary, engineering a powerful system of play that is making a daily difference is our children's lives.

Ag May 15, 2012 at 03:37 PM
I think it's great that Julie Montenegro is supporting Aldama School (yay!). BUT she litters the streets of Highland Park with flyers promoting her business. Ms. Montenegro, I beg you, please stop promoting your business by putting flyers on parked cars.
CEMykytyn May 16, 2012 at 04:21 AM
I love to see local businesses supporting our local schools! And I love seeing our school communities supporting local businesses, too!


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