How Do You Describe Highland Park to Someone Who Doesn't Know the Neighborhood?

Speaking for myself, I enjoy telling people about Highland Park. What do you say when people ask about our neighborhood?

When people ask you about Highland Park, what do you say?

Though larger publications like the Los Angeles Times and the LA Weekly have zeroed in on Highland Park for both its attractiveness to young professionals and its emerging business district along York Boulevard, there are still plenty of Angelenos who never even heard of this 'hood, let alone visited it.

When friends ask me about where I live, I like to mention that there's a diversity that extends from the people to the arts scene to the bars to the businesses. I also like to mention that just one block beyond York and Figueroa's bustling business districts, there are beautiful craftsman homes where families of all different backgrounds reside side by side.

I'm interested to know how other HLP residents describe our neighborhood to people who don't live here.

How do you describe HLP to folks who've never been here?

The MOG September 02, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Ish, I stand corrected...a friend has used my own words against me! We were discussing this controversy, and he noted by comments posted on "a single report of a Indian Mexican village along the Arroyo". He made the point that NELA was sparcely populated at the time, (circa 1900). Most of the housing developments going up on the South Side. The Highlands were mostly pristine. If that's true, argues my friend, then it's possible that THERE REALLY WERE more Mexican Mestizos in NELA "in the beginning", in that one village ( and there were more than one) than the gabachos on the Ranches. And you know what? I can't refute it. IT IS POSSIBLE, techniqu...er...I mean TECHNICALLY!
Marino September 02, 2012 at 11:40 PM
Skin pigmentation... Who cares?
The MOG September 03, 2012 at 12:08 AM
I agree. Who cares, indeed.
Ish September 07, 2012 at 07:19 AM
Wow, I missed a few of your comments. There's a great book called 500 years of Chicano History and has a lot of facts and pictures to prove it. It's banned in a lot of Libraries, but I was able to find it in Glendale when I was in High School. An awesome, Chicano, teacher recommended it to me and I recommend it to you. It has some gruesome pictures though. Take Care.
The MOG September 07, 2012 at 08:31 AM
Ish, I missed Chicano Studies. They didn't have it when I was a kid. Hispanic students had to learn the same subjects all the others did. Same for my parents, & their parents. Of course no one called themselves hispanic then. We were Mexican-American. I remember being in one of the 1st Spanish Classes @ Burbank Jr. High. The teacher, an Anglo lady, said, " I thought I'd be teaching White kids, but your all Mexican." It reminds me off that old Cheech & Chong joke, "I'm Mexican-American, I got a B in Spanish!" To which I reply, "It's Ok. I flunked English."(I did too!)Seriously though, like any hispanic kid I was interested in my "roots". I've read Arcuna. IMHO, you can always go through old newspaper clippings & find antidotes of whites doing ignorant Mexican Pions dirt, killing them, & stealing their land, institutional racism etc., but that's not history. It's extrapolation based on inferences made from an old newspaper account. You know knowing of the principles involved; i.e., did evil white man kill Sancho because he was racist, or because Sancho had bedded his wife? You know AZ doesn't allow Ethnic Studies. On the grounds it forments racial hatered, & from some of the things I've heard Raza say about Whites, I have to agree with AZ. I see a big difference in today's youth. They're exposed to too much info. to buy that La Raza stuff. They're Pochos! Americans, & they want their place here, not Mystical Atzlan. Chicano Studies had it's place, once. Not in today's society.


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