A Hallow's Eve Plea: Please Come Arroyo'Weening!

Will you be 'weening?

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays. The candy--especially the candy of my youth--the candy apples, the costumes, the kids and the decorated houses.

I look forward to seeing the terror in the eyes of the littlest kids, the confidence of the older kids and the proud arrogance of the teenagers who still want to be Halloweenies.

I really love that it is a kinda-really-based-on-a-religious–churchy-idea-but-really-pagan-kind-of-silly-all-American-holiday. Really a Pan-American thing, because of all the wonderful Dia de los Muertos traditions we have here in our corner of the world.

But it seems something has gone wrong with Halloweeners!

I have typical Halloween childhood memories, but really, my favorite ‘weenie things happened when I was no longer a little kid, decades ago. That's when I found that the odd people of the city descended on Hollywood Boulevard in the early evening, then over to West Hollywood later on at night. Monsters and curiosities of every kind--if you get my meaning.

Then the cities started paying attention and organizing and policing. Then, I had children of my own and Halloween returned again to the customs of kids. I did take a couple of my kids to Hollywood Boulevard when they were very young.  The police had closed the boulevard to car traffic, and were ticketing and even arresting those who dared to step off the curb. I haven’t been back since.

When we first moved to Highland Park almost 20 years ago, there were some houses that were visitable by ‘weenies. There was also a family that put on a pretty good haunted house. But even then, there was a walk between houses that ‘weened.

Over the years my kids started want to go to other neighborhoods to trick-or-treat because our blocks were slim in the treats department.

I couldn’t argue.

When we'd go out, we'd leave a bowl of treats on our steps. We'd come back and see the bowl was never touched by human hands. 

As the kid’s became older, they wanted to go to parties or go out with friends. Now Mrs. O’Roscoe and I are going to be without kids for the first time this year.

We would love to give out treats and occasional tricks to visitors, but something has happened in Highland Park over the last decade.

I’m very pleased to see those people who have the right spirit and dress up their homes to welcome the ‘weenies, but it seems there are fewer people doing that every year.

And as for our house, we haven’t had a’weener come to our door for years. We live on a well traveled street. We’ve had on the lights and carved the pumpkins, but no ‘weenies.  And the last year they did ring our bell, there were only two groups hours apart.

We can’t blame the tainted candy paranoia because ther communities still have the proper attitude and have neighborhoods with wonderful fructose and ghostly participation.

Yes, there are many right thinking people in the Arroyo who dress up their houses and who give out the treats, and bless them for it! But it seems they have become fewer and farther between.

Whatever your age, check out the Halloweenish things going on in our community over the weekend.

And let me assure you that on Monday we will have carved pumpkins on our steps and a bowl of candy at the ready, and you should as well.

And if you have kids in your house, give Highland Park a chance to treat your Halloweenies before you try another neighborhood.

Rebecca Prine October 29, 2011 at 08:39 PM
Nicely written and couldn't agree more- it is sad when children or adults- stop having fun on Halloween. Afterall, it is as you wrote a pan american celebration and a very creative one at that. Happy Halloween to you and may you have the opportunity to spook kids of every age as they approach your door come hallows eve!
Johanna Sanchez October 29, 2011 at 10:52 PM
I too will put out a bowl of candy in my spooked out porch and hopefully be able to see some trick or treaters. This is my first halloween back in highland park. I moved away 8 years ago and now I am back ...with children. Growing up in Highland Park during the gang culture years hindered my trick or treating throughout my childhood. Now as a mother I am excited to take my kids around the neighborhood I call home.
Marissa October 30, 2011 at 07:21 PM
My fiancee and I recently bought a home in Highland Park, and although we've been living in this town for over five years, this will be the first Halloween we'll be homeowners. We've had trick o' treaters come to our apartment, and I hope they come to our home. Our little graveyard and giant spider web await!
ia2643 October 30, 2011 at 11:35 PM
When we moved in to Cypress Park I was too old for trick-or-treating for myself but I would take my younger siblings out for a night of socializing and fun. My parents report that Halloween is as strong as ever in Cypress and will be giving out candy yet again. My children's pediatric dentist abhors this time of year but my kids deserve to have these spooky and sugary memories. Happy Halloween!
Rebecca November 01, 2011 at 08:13 PM
I see it a little differently. This is our 6th Halloween in Highland Park and every year I feel like we get more and more trick or treaters! While out with my kids this year, I had a man tell us that in the 60's the streets were lined with kids and he was excited to see it coming back!
David O'Roscoe November 01, 2011 at 09:41 PM
If anyone is interested, we had no one ring our bell again this year. Maybe next year. I've started on the bowl of candy.
Susan R April 05, 2012 at 05:29 AM
Please, no bells!
HLP Frenchy October 23, 2012 at 11:48 PM
I was about to say Halloween is not on a Monday when I realized that this article is from last year...


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