National Grandparents Day: Upload Your Photos, Recipes or Family Legends

Capturing precious memories, family recipes and legends from grandparents can be easy and fun. Share yours with us. How do you remember your grandparents?

Grandparents frequently are the keepers of precious family memories, recipes and legends. With National Grandparents Day on Sept. 9, why not celebrate by visiting a grandparent and capturing some life history and wisdom for future generations? 

Dale Dawson, Executive Director of Montrose Shopping Park Association and owner of , traces his family roots far back in American history. In fact,  and carries volumes of genealogy records passed through generations. 

 who followed his grandparents footsteps. They set up shop in Los Angeles in 1952. 

TELL US: What is something you and your family would like to share with future generations? How do you remember your grandparents? What kind of history or legends did they pass on to you? Document it by telling us in the comments below. 

Jessica Hamlin September 07, 2012 at 07:57 PM
My dad and I still use my grandmother's recipe for baked yams when we make them for Thanksgiving or Christmas. She used maple syrup instead of sugar--YUM.


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