Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council Meets Thursday

Thursday's meeting agenda includes funding requests and motions related to statewide issues.

The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council will meet Thursday, Feb. 21 from 7-9 p.m. at the Highland Park Adult Senior Citizen Center at 6152 N. Figueroa St.

In addition to addresses by representatives from Council Districts 1 and 14, the meeting's agenda also for several funding requests from local organizations and motions related to statewide issues. 

Funding Requests: 

  • (5 min) Discussion and Motion: Tabled from last meeting 2/7/2013: Consider the merits of funding a NPG requesting up to $1500 for the Yorkdale Elementary School music program. The previous board approved funding, but the requestor was ineligible. Yorkdale Elementary School itself (an eligible recipient) is submitting the grant written by Principal Dr. Green. –O. Zuniga
  • (5 min)Discussion and Motion: Tabled from last meeting 2/7/2013: Consider the merits of funding a request from the Lummis Day Foundation for a NPG to cover up to $1500 of Lummis Day expenses. –T. Bonsell
  • Discussion and Motion: Consider the merits of a Neighborhood Purposes Grant not to exceed $1500 for the alternative space/art park La Tierra de La Culebra located at 240 S. Avenue 57 in Highland Park (90042). Money to be used for all or some of these: art supplies, dance instructor, community herb garden and park restoration expenses. –T. Bonsell, N, Green (stakeholder)

Letters of Support

  • (10 min) Discussion and Motion: Mr. Milan Vasic presented the issue of the use of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) aka Styrofoam and the detrimental effects on the environment and public health. There is a vote scheduled on SB568 (Lowenthal) this year as it did not pass in the previous session. SB568 prohibits food vendors from dispensing cooked food in expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam containers. HHPNC has been asked to support the bill in favor of a banon EPS and provide a “Letter of Support" to send to Capitol Hill. Sample letter is attached along with more information on EPS and the bill. – B. Engersbach
  • (10 min)Motion to support campaign focused on stopping the $30-50 billion twin tunnels project that would unfairly tax Los Angeles residents. See attached letter –M. Alcaraz
  • (5 min)Motion to support the resolution calling for a ban on fracking authored by L.A. City Councilmember Paul Koretz. See attached letter –M. Alcaraz


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