Sonia Romero's "Revolving Landscape" Reflects Highland Park

The latest exhibition from She Rides the Lion's Sonia Romero presents prints that represent life in Highland Park, but directly and indirectly.

The prints of Highland Park artist Sonia Romero are full of references. From the floral design of a woman's dress to the swaying branches of a eucalyptus tree, her images resonate on a frequency familiar to Angelenos.

In her latest exhibition, Revolving Landscape, Romero, owner of She Rides the Lion studio, continues her effort to reflect life in Los Angeles, one bold, distinctive line at a time.

A recent KCET feature on Romero revealed how an array of influences--from being raised by artists to attending art school at the Rhode Island Institute of Design to living in Northeast L.A.--have synthesized to create her unique vision.

The fine and public art she makes is not always about Los Angeles, although sometimes it quite literally is; but there is always a certain sense that it could not have been made anywhere else. In its formal qualities reside the unmistakable stylistic flourishes of the great Latin American and Chicano printmaking genius, with thick black lines and taste for magic spells and daily life. This she folds in with a coded language familiar to fans of the broader indie culture's light-hearted nostalgia and penchant for updating folklore into a fresh-faced world view.

Click here to read the KCET's excellent feature on Romero.

Revolving Landscape is showing at at 131 N. Ave. 50 until August 5. A small number of limited edition prints will be sold.


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