Photo: Pyramid Travels Centro Cultural Eek' Mayab

The rolling pyramid is now located at the Centro Cultural Eek' Mayab.

Motorists driving on North Figueroa Street on Tuesday may have noticed a large triangular model being slowly pushed down the side of the road by a group of men.

What was that thing? And where was it going?

It turns out that it was a model of a Mayan Pyramid, and it was en route to Centro Cultural Eek' Mayab, a culturla center located on 6027 York Boulevard near the LAPD Museum.

Centro Cultural Eek' Mayab opened its doors in February of 2012 with the mission of celebrating Mayan culture through art exhibitions and social gatherings.

Culturevator November 09, 2012 at 05:05 PM
The Mayans had it right. Would love to see some heads rollin down that ramp. Start with John Noguez. (lol)


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