Enjoy Art on the Second Saturday of June

Here's your guide to enjoying art on a long a summer Saturday night.

June has arrived here in Los Angeles. The sun is out almost as long as it is going to be, and the evenings are pleasant. So what a good time it is to enjoy the arts in Highland Park on the Second Saturday of June.

Finster Studio

Finster Studio presents the artwork of Richard Yusim.

From Finster: "With a background in percussion and an MFA from Otis, Richard Yusim has created large symmetrical circular images on square wood surfaces to symbolically represent forms and shapes comprised of numeric variations suggesting a relationship to the "meter" in music. The work is absent color and objective imagery in the same way that some music is absent melody or lyrical content and emphasizes instead rhythm, structure, shape, and texture.

Finster continues: "After Richard pulls his work we are having an "interim" show with local regulars we met at Finster: Hilary Quatinetz and Johnny Jarman. Their work is "rough and free-flowing."

In the main room, 17 women were asked to create metaphorical self-portraits in the show Imagining Women.

The women are, Pat Boyd, Lynda Brothers, Ruth De Nicola, Pat Gomez, Rebeca Guerrero, Heather Hoggan, Patricia Lazalde, Dorothy Magallon, Susanna Meiers, Poli Marichal, Isabel Martinez, Toti O'Brien, Olga Ponomarenko, Violetta Sorcini, Cindy Suriyani, Virginia Warren and Alexandra Wiesenfeld.

Curated by Raoul De la Sota

In the Avenue 50 Annex you'll find the paintings of June Edmonds.


Katsu Yokoyama presents The Floating Whirl: Playful Watercolors, Thoughtful Oils

Yokoyama's work is n updating of 19th century Japanese printmaker Hokusai’s work 36 Views of Mount Fuji


Matters of Space 

This month, Matters of Space presents the art of Lynne Berman. According to Matters of Space, "Berman's work has been shown nationally and internationally, exhibited at such venues as the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego,  Orange County Museum of Art, Center for Contemporary Art, Cincinnati, Pomona College Museum of Art, Montgomery Gallery, Torrance Art Museum, Swiss Cultural Institute in Rome, and at Tom Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles."


Platform Gallery

This month, Platform will display the portrait photography of Steven Dewall



Steven's success lies with his ability to connect with people. By making subjects comfortable and at ease, and placing them in settings that feel natural, he turns a photo shoot into a collaborative experience that encourages them to express themselves," Dewall's bio states. "This allows him to present their personalities in revealing and sometimes unexpected ways, and in turn, build a connection with those viewing his work."



Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery presents, Songs to Sing When You're Lost at Sea, the sixth Annual Show of the paintings of Walt Hall. The show mainly comprises paintings on a variety of surfaces and media, and assemblages from discarded material.


At Leanna Lin's you will find the show Sweet Eats, where critters enjoy sugary confections!

The artist, Miss Angela Che, is into Lolita and Otome fashions, and her art reflects both a bit. I wonder if she, and others will be there in all their regalia? 

alisa June 09, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Also tonight, participating in NELA Art walk for the the first time, ArtLAB located on the Sotomayor LAUSD Campus on San Fernando Rd (at Division) will be open from 5-9pm, with a student exhibit. Come support this interdisciplinary, and teacher developed, LAUSD Pilot School, see the students impressive art show and meet our new High School serving the Northeast of LA.


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