Eagle Rock Music Festival Rocks On—For the 15th Year

Between the main stage and six side venues, festivalgoers enjoy everything from ambient music, Americana and folk to rock, global bass and blues.

A snapshot of the 15 Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. Photo credit: Courtesy of Nate Hayward.
A snapshot of the 15 Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival. Photo credit: Courtesy of Nate Hayward.
By Craig Clough

Tens of thousands flocked to Colorado Boulevard Saturday for the 15th annual Eagle Rock Music Festival to enjoy the wide-ranging array of musical choices it had offer. 

Between the main stage and six side venues, festival goers could enjoy everything from ambient music, Americana, folk, rock, global bass, blues and more. (Check out the attached video, which focuses on some of the acts that played at the venues.)   

The festival was downsized this year compared the last few, featuring half as many acts (35) as were on hand in 2012, and one main stage instead of three. There's no word yet on what the official estimate was for attendance, but it did appear to be less than the 100,000 that attended last year. However, the streets were still crowded with tens of thousands enjoying the various shows. 

"I think its great. I think its the right amount crowded. There's nice traffic coming and it's not too crowded," said David Greene, vice president of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.  "...It seems less crowded than last year, but its crowded, if you know what I mean. I think that's good and it should make Center for the Arts happy. It's making me happy." 

Many of the artists who performed expressed gratitude toward Center for the Arts Eagle Rock for organizing the festival and giving so many local bands a chance at bigger exposure. 

"Center for the Arts Eagle Rock really is one of the things that makes Los Angeles, the east side of Los Angeles, such a nurturing and wonderful place for artists," said Sterling Powers, whose band, The Tennessee Walker, performed its first-ever show at the Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock(See Powers in the attached video, second to last).

From a public safety standpoint, the night was safe with few incidents. Sgt. Gutierrez of the Los Angeles Police Department Northeast Division said there was one arrest for fighting and a few traffic accidents reported, but nothing else. 

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