Celebrate Spring With Second Saturday Gallery Night

There's much to explore in Northeast Los Angeles this weekend.

The days are getting longer, the evenings might be warming, so if you haven’t been spending the Second Saturday of the month getting to know the art environment in Highland Park, now is the time.

Here are some of the places and things you can do.

Frank Romero, who for 40 years has been a cornerstone of the Chicano art community and the L.A. arts community, will have his first solo show at the Avenue 50 Studio.  

At the Avenue 50 Studio Annex Gallery, the work of  Isabel Martinez.  I really love one of the things said about her work, “One experiences pure joy in her choice of colors and free form.”

Say owners Stuart and Amy, “Come meet the San Francisco-based artist Liz--this is her third solo show with us--at the opening and enjoy Mel Knox's Uvaggio wines! These paintings are practically vibrating off the walls--they're super colorful and lively--and so LIZ!”

Says Liz about her own work, “Hypnogogic imagery streams across the canvas.”

THIS Los Angeles

Not usually open on Second Saturday, but this time we will find the solo show of Erin Garcia.     

From the Artist's Statement:

“I draw shapes.

Then stack shapes on shapes.

Then place stacks of shapes with stacks of shapes.”

Matters of Space

Matters of Space is pleased to present for us the art of Ann Faison--artist, writer, healer and mother of two. 

Katerina Gabbro, co-owner, tells Patch:

“The tree and bird drawings at Matters of Space are a combination of new and older work.  Ann’s fascination with these subjects is informed by the paradox of living in the city and trying to connect to nature.”

Platform Gallery

Over at Platform we will find the work of Roger Lee & Kat Hutter.

Ceramics, monotype prints, painting, and other collaborations from this Highland Park couple will be on display.

We are invited to an evening of art, shopping, and cocktails.

Cactus Gallery

Cactus is proud to present In Light of the Dark, a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Patricia Krebs. For this--her fifth annual solo show at Cactus Gallery--Krebs presents a series of mixed media pieces primarily created with collage, ink and acrylic on canvas.

And be sure to admire the tree in front, and tell Sandra what you think of it.

Leanna Lin's Wonderland

The Wonderland will present the Supahcute Dream Team who “have created a collection that is simply too cute for words!”


And if you haven’t already noticed, at the in Highland Park, the Arroyo Arts Collective is continuing a tradition of placing art in unexpected places withThe next two Tuesdays, enjoy dance, music, art, performance, spoken word and maybe something for you to share with the community.


Cathi Milligan May 12, 2012 at 09:07 PM
Wander on over to The Glass Studio where the Art Airstream will be parked...good times for all!


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