Art for a Summery Second Saturday

What has summer wrought?

Well, we got a bit of summer this week, and the evenings have been nice.

If you haven’t already enjoyed NELA’s Second Saturday Art Walk, now is a good time to appreciate art, maybe some food, and also get to know and walk the community.

Finster Studio

Finster Studio presents the artwork and sculpture of Drew Mancilla, whose style I’d describe as Los Angeles urban anime.


In the main room, join photographers Victor Horcasitas and Olivia Barrionuevo for an exhibition of photography that address the homeless and cultural roots, in the show Espejos.  

“Through their art, Horcasitas and Barrionuevo speak to humanity and a deep feeling of community,"  Avenue 50 tells us. “Both photographers document community and what it means to two different segments of society.”  

The Revolving Landscape, a print series by Sonia Romero, will be on display in the Avenue 50 Annex.

Created in classic linoleum cut block printing, there are endless revolving backdrops, with printed characters playing within the backdrops, creating narratives.


Chicken Boy and company will present the group show,  Missed Perceptions.

The artists include: Carol Zou, Arzu Arda Kosar,  Katelyn Dorroh, Lily Orozco, Sarah Todd, Joseph Kalish, Nathan Mauden, David Orozco

Here's the only description of the show I can provide:

"Propel, propel, propel your craft,

Gently down liquid solution.

Ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically, ecstatically,

Existence is but an illusion."

-- King Friday XIII


Matters of Space 

Matters of Space presents the art and design of Rosana Aziernicki in Connecting Art.

"Just as the world is constantly being re-imagined and redesigned I decided to refocus my energy and imagination towards a different path. So, after a long career in fashion design between study, work and teaching in Buenos Aires, London and Los Angeles, it was time for me to explore new ways of expression," Aziernicki said in her artist's statement. "By intertwining images of urban landscapes and transferring them onto different materials I created unique mono-prints in various formats. At the same time experimenting with the same technique on different surfaces I created one of a kind objects of utilitarian and wearable art. That is how I arrived to this collection of unique and timeless pieces of art that connects my love for art with my career in design."


Platform Gallery

Platform presents BIRDS by Kruti Shah.

Raised in India and migrated to United States in late 1999, Shaw brings her work to us in Highland Park.

From the artist’s statement, “painting is my way of unleashing energy and embracing freedom. For me it is passion unleashed to create a spark of connection with the world around me.”


THIS Los Angeles

THIS Los Angeles presents the closing reception of Stalker by Lisa Solberg. The shows presents an encompassing and unsettling study of obsession by transforming THIS' four walls into a Stalker's sanctuary.


Celebrate Leanna Lin's Wonderland second birthday with the work of the following artists:

64 Colors, Becky Dreistadt, Crowded Teeth, Deth P. Sun, Jeremiah Ketner, J. Fuchs, Jolby, Julie West, Melissa Contreras and Nicky Davis.

Saturday's celebration will also offer goodie bags, Auntie's Fry Bread truck, drinks (from Swork Coffee and Eagle Rock Brewery) and DJ LaminLove.

And a raffle.

Get all the details on all the fun at  Leanna Lin's Wonderland


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