Announcement: Artists Sought For Instant Grant

NELA Art is still looking for artists to participate in this month's micro-grant event.

The following call for art was posted by NELart.com.

NELAart is offering an evening of artists looking for support. A panel of community artists chooses the four artists for the evening from the submissions. Art patrons buy a ticket to the event, and award the Micro-grant of the admission receipts to one of four artists.

The next event will be Thursday May 24, 2012 at 7:00 pm at on 5018 York Blvd.  in Highland Park.

We are looking for art of any kind, at any stage of completion.

This can include: poems, plays, films, videos, documentaries, music, dance, sculptures, graphics, performance art, photographs, installations, knitting, paintings, and mixed media projects.

Send proposals to: nelaartmicrogrant@gmail.com

Deadline: Wednesday May 9, 2012

Submissions will be chosen by Friday May 11 and notices will be emailed on that date. If you are chosen, you must confirm by Monday May 14. We will contact you to discuss details. Plan on seeing the venue before the evening for a more effective presentation, and making time to check any technical needs.

Submissions must include:

  • "May 24" and your name in the message line
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Description of the art you want to fund including location, time-line, budget, and how the micro-grant would be used within that budget. Limit 250 words, please.
  • Bio of the artist(s)
  • One image of 2 MB or less
  • Any relevant URLs
  • How you heard of this application
  • Your technical needs for the evening
  • Description of the presentation you will make on May 24. The presentation can include pictures, videos, slide shows, staged readings, singing, dancing. Please, no Power Point. Remember a successful presentation will entertain and delight the patrons

Flashy presentations and funny costumes are encouraged. The amount of micro-grant offered cannot be guaranteed, as it is dependent on attendance. So remember, should you be selected, you will want to encourage everyone you know to attend, and vote for you. The more people there, the larger the micro-grant.   

Questions? Please write:



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