Tax Deadline 2012: L.A. Post Offices Won't Be Open Late

The tax deadline is looming, where can you complete them locally?

The deadline for filing state and federal taxes is set for midnight on Tuesday, April 17--but if you're planning on mailing your return, you'll need to make it to the post office by 5:30 p.m.

According to the Huffington Post, Los Angeles area post offices won't be staying open late on Tax Day, as the federal service is grappling with a budget shortfall and cannot afford the extra costs associated with staying open late. 

Helen Perez, officer manager of the HR Block location on 5531 North Figueroa Street, said her office will open to deadline beaters until 9 p.m.

As of noon on Tuesday, Perez said the location had welcomed a slow but steady stream of customers.

She was expecting a major rush after 5 p.m., when customers start getting off work. 

"That's when we'll do the bulk of our business," she said.

An accountant for 11 years, Perez said experience is key when managing large lines on Tax Day.

"You have to have a system in place," she said. "You need to be able to sort out the people who may not even need to file, versus those who walk and are ready to get it done."


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