New Planter Boxes Pop Up on North Fig (Updated)

Two of North Figueroa Street's trendiest spots are sporting new tree planter boxes in front of their locations.

A pair of new planter boxes were recently installed on North Figueroa Street, in front of two of the area's most popular stops.

Both and now feature sturdy cedar planter boxes in front of their store fronts, each of which were constructed around the trees that line the street.

Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch has yet to track down the architects responsible for building the boxes, but several signs suggest that Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of on Echo Street are behind the work.

The piecesdisplay the distinctive brand of craftsmanship on display at their shop and the two have already proven to be interested in street-side improve through their participation in the

An e-mail message sent to Taylor and Rice has yet to be returned.


It turns out our suspicions were correct, the gentlemen at Knowhow Shop were responsible for planter boxes. The benches were installed to coincide with the launch of the Non Toxix Revolution campaign, "a grassroots, guerrilla-styled awareness campaign from the Keep A Breast Foundation."

You can read more about the benches--and the campaign--at the Keep A Breast Foundation's website.

rasputin July 12, 2011 at 05:34 PM
Very, very nice. Thank you.
sylva blackstone July 12, 2011 at 06:10 PM
A sweet idea, nice design and pretty wood. But here is a big problem, because piling damp soil up on the tree trunks will cause fungus disease to kill the bark. When the bark dies, that kills the trees. A slow death, and very sad to see. But wait.... If the soil is removed, and the flowers are planted at ground level, the watering will help the trees instead of causing harm! These trees help our air quality and the shade makes walking pleasant for pedestrians. Please, remove the soil. Thanks, Sylva Blackstone Certified Arborist (Highland Park resident since 1988)
Alberto July 12, 2011 at 07:24 PM
I just noticed the boxes yesterday and love them! It does sound like Sylva has something worth considering; hopefully the leads of the project have already considered this and have some newfangled tree-safe thing going on or they'll take her advice to heart and act soon!
bobo July 16, 2011 at 07:28 AM
That's what I was going to say! One of the many ways to help Figueroa look nice.
Casey Cochran August 12, 2011 at 08:17 PM
Here is a response from the folks who installed the planters for us: Please do not worry. Specifically because the ficus tree we planted around will most likely root before rotting. This is probably not a design we can make for each situation since every tree species is different and that could occur. But be rest assured that the ficus will be fine. Ficus trees are generally prone to more tropical climates and in nature they will sometimes shoot off ariel roots when planted in places such as florida or south asia. The major concern I actually had is that there is a chance for the roots to grow from where we've raised the level and for them to choke out the planter box. but that will take many many years. Planting low water plants will help keep the speed of that occurrence from happening quickly. But this is something to definitely keep in mind for possible future sites! Casey The Keep A Breast Foundation / Non Toxic Revolution Campaign Manager


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