Neighborhood Watch Signs Coming to Mount Washington

Several discussions were held and one motion was passed at Ramona Hall on Thursday night.

The Public Safety Committee unanimously voted to allocate funds for disaster survival training and discussed installation of neighborhood watch signs at its most recent meeting.

The committee voted 3-0 to designate $1,950 to cover a variety of expenses for a community-wide earthquake preparedness and fire evacuation drill. The event, Hermon Shakeout: The Play, is scheduled to take place at Fresco Community Market on October 22.

“People can sign up to participate as a resident, volunteer or responder at a staged, mock emergency exercise at four different locations,” committee co-chairman Mark Legassie said.


A discussion regarding the placement of neighborhood watch signs consumed most of the meeting minutes on Thursday night, and stirred some conflict among the small group of attendees.

The ASNC purchased 25 signs to distribute among various neighborhood watch organizations. Of the 16 signs that remain, eight will be placed in Mount Washington, while Sycamore Grove and Montecito Heights will each receive four.

“I have marked the places we would like to have signs place around Mount Washington,” Cheri Uno said. “There are 30 neighborhood watches in Mount Washington, but some don’t want the signs up.”

The proposed locations of where the signs will be posted must first be approved by several local agencies prior to being issued.

Uno has also designed a custom neighborhood watch sign and is seeking funding to produce a bath. She estimates each sign will cost 30 dollars. These signs will go up in addition to the eight already reserved for Mount Washington by the ASNC.

Paul Evleth is working with Uno on the issue and favors custom signs over the standard, black, orange and white signs found in most communities. He said the eye catching colors stand out in comparison to what people are used to seeing.

“The sign also points out that people aren’t just watching, but they are willing to call the police and are organized too. The generic signs don’t have those three key elements and the problem is that the city doesn’t endorse the custom made signs,” Evleth said.


Having the necessary emergency supplies readily available can increase your odds of surviving a disaster.

ASNC’s Northeast LA Disaster Survival Task Force in collaboration with SOS Survival Products, has made a 10 to 20 percent discount available for ASNC residents.

Discounted items include deluxe emergency kits containing vital supplies for people and pets, 36 channel radios and a water storage system. Prices range from $42 to $145 including tax.


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