Massively Priced and Sized Homes Expected in Highland Park

Santa Clarita-based Williams Homes’ Park 9 project is constructing nine multi-story homes off of Burwood Avenue.

Highland Park’s historic charm will be getting a facelift of sorts with the construction of nine multi-story homes being built off of Burwood Avenue. The Santa Clarita-based company Williams Homes’ project is collectively calling the new bundle of homes The Park 9. 

The two to four story building homes are estimated at an upwards of $800,000, almost double the median list price for Highland Park homes for sale within the past two months.

The company’s marketing director said they built a few large homes because of the low supply of larger homes in Highland Park. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of March and homes will be on the market within a month. 

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ChickenBoyFan January 24, 2014 at 12:22 PM
A dismal example of an irresponsible developer with no regard for the history of the Burwood neighborhood. These monster homes will usurp, and devalue the surrounding homes, which are averaging 1000-1200 sq ft. Williams Homes represents the height of arrogant development. Hey, Williams Homes: Go back to Santa Clarita,with your tract house mentality. I'm sorry folks, but this will continue,until developers decimate NELA. We must try as hard as we can to stop irresponsible development. When the trendy new housing styles wear off, we will be stuck with tomorrows dated Home Depot housing. I thought we were better than this. I know we deserve better.
Tina Gulotta-Miller January 24, 2014 at 02:00 PM
The future trends are predicting that large massive homes will NOT be as desirable or affordable with the energy shortages that will be burdening our Golden State. Water shortages are already apparent in dryer regions like the Central Valley. Now they are in the Central Coast areas of San Luis Obispo County where you have to take a number and get in line to build new structures and that includes Single Family Residential besides Multi-Units. Illegal units will be on the rise even more with these issues beginning to be mandated from the various City Councils to the public. What we need to do in Los Angeles is open up planning workshops with the public to manage our water and inspire future management of water among our communities. Neighborhood Councils are a good place to start and we need to get on board soon. Housing is an important issue in LA and if we don't start taking care of business it will escalate into a much deeper problem. Like who will be able to afford basic utilities? I believe we can approach this matter logically and fairly but we first need a plan and that may be in motion now but the public has not been involved as they should be.
Fernando lopez January 27, 2014 at 01:12 AM


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