Letter: Recycled Resources Joins Forces with Faith Groups for Successful Outreach

More than 150 community members attended Sunday's outreach event.

This letter was submitted by Recycled Resources Director Rebecca Prine. Want see your letters published on Highland Park-Mount Washington Patch? Contact me at david.fonseca@patch.com 

On Sunday, , and joined together in an effort to improve our community.

Recycled Resources, which hosts monthly outreach and engagement events aimed at improving the lives of those without homes in Northeast Los Angeles, was contacted by Father Tom Callard of All Saints and Joshua Schorr of Temple Beth Israel with the idea of combining efforts to make homeless outreach services more effective by working collectively as a community.

The event, located at All Saints, at 5619 Monte Vista St., was attended by approximately 150 people who were eager to help. Those who were interested in making lunches, assembling hygiene kits and learning about those homeless in our community ranged in age from young to old and came from different backgrounds. Youth groups from both Temple Beth Israel and All Saints worked together to make lunches while assisted by their parents; Recycled Resources volunteers educated those in attendance about its mission and work. Once the outreach food was completed everyone sat together and enjoyed a lunch, making new friends and enjoying the shade on a very hot day.

Recycled Resources then delivered food, cold drinks, bus tokens, informational resources and hygiene items to people throughout Northeast. Thanks to the number of volunteers, Recycled Resources was able to cover more ground than ever before in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Cypress Park, Glassell Park, El Sereno, Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights. We met and engaged with over 147 people in need.  

The information gathered from this outreach was collected and recorded into a database which documents over 361 chronically homeless individuals in Northeast and will be used to advocate for much needed homeless services in this area.

As one volunteer stated during the event, “It feels good to know we are not just making a difference, we are the difference.” The definition of community is a group of people who live in the same area, and within communities there live different types of people. Some have homes, some have tents, some have found peace and conquered their addictions while others still struggle, and some complain about what they don’t like about their community while others strive to change it.  The fact is, in a community, people live alongside one another and because of this the needs of all people should be addressed in order to improve lives for all members. If you would like to attend an outreach event and be part of the improving the community please visit website for more information.

Janet Alvarado Dodson September 11, 2012 at 02:23 AM
After spending the afternoon watching Rebecca and her cohorts do their amazing work, I was thinking about the several people who have complained that by providing food, and clothing, and service to the homeless, Recycled Resources is encouraging homelessness. Sure, the occasional lunch, socks and Gatorade is what is keeping someone on the street. And if there were no service they would surely sit up from under the bridge, and say gee, I guess I should do something else. Instead I saw volunteers respectfully approaching people in what are after all, their homes, offering a lunch. Whatever their state, they were treated kindly, their stories were heard a little, and a human asked if they were OK. Why are there no City services for the homeless in Highland Park? Why is this compassionate work only done by the churches and Recycled Resources? Why do so many people hate the poor? Have we really devolved to a place where your value is only measured by your wealth? Characteristically Rebecca did not mention she needs a free place for storage. If you have a storage shed, an unused closet in a community building, anyplace in Highland Park with access, let her know. info@recycledresources.org Do what you can.
David Fonseca September 11, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Great comment, Janet.
Rebecca Prine September 12, 2012 at 04:22 AM
"Have we really devolved to a place where your value is only measured by your wealth?" :) cheers! I am so glad you came out to see what we are all about and got involved, thank you.


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