Garvanza Meeting to Address Preservation, Traffic, Crime

Community members are invited to attend to discuss recent developments in the community.

The Garvanza Improvement Association (GIA) will host a community meeting on Wednesday evening on issues ranging from crime, historic preservation and neighborhood traffic.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 5 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the new Luther Burbank Middle School at 6640 N. Figueroa St.

Public Safety: 

Among the invited guests will be Los Angeles Police Department's Highland Park Senior Lead Officer Mark Allen.

The meeting's agenda calls for a discussion about the safety of Garvanza's alleyways and community concerns over a perceived increase in drug dealing and homelessness around Garvanza Park, 99-Cents Store and Rite-Aid.


Attendees of the meeting will learn about the ongoing preservation of the historic Dr. John Lawrence Smith house located at the corner of Avenue 63 and Garvanza Avenue.

After decades false starts and failed efforts, members of the GIA--with help from Council District 14 and real estate agents Tim Swan and Bob Berger--helped broker the sale of the historic home to noted preservationist Brad Chambers.

The GIA will also discuss their campaign to educate potential real estate investors in the neighborhood about the Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, which regulates what manner of alterations can be made to the exterior of historic homes.


Wednesday's meeting will also focus on traffic concerns in the following areas:

  • Cars failing to slow down for pedestrians at the Crosswalk at Avenue 63 and York Boulevard
  • Intersection at Avenue 64 and Church Street
The MOG December 05, 2012 at 11:48 AM
There is less blatant drug dealing in the areas mentioned, except the park. It would be naive to think that small amounts of canabis sativa/indigo 0g bubba purp (that's what the kids call it nowadays) doesn't exchange hands at the skate park. My main concern there would be the problem of older youth in thier 20s, exploiting teenage SK8rs. As far as homelessness, ditto. There is markedly less homelessness there, since the unfortunate goings on @ The Flag Pole the last few months. It has always been the same individuals present for decades. In the early '80s there were much more. How do I know? Because they are friends of mine. Back then it was Munk, Audry, Patt Madox, Glen & Steve, Chuck, Big Ed...may they all R.I.P. That's just a few who aren't here anymore. Now it's just whittled down to Roland, his good friend, Sweet Carolina & her old man. They're your classic drunks-except Caroline, not drug addicts. Carolina has other problems. Long time customers are accostumed to seeing these pathitic cases regularly. They are not threatening in the least. People show a little humanity, more often than not, and buy these fellow humans, your fellow Americans, languishing in the most abject poverty imaginable, food and coffee. You know, it's all in the Spirit Of Hope & Change! Yes, We Can! Don't tell us we can't. I wonder just who it is that "precieves" an increase in Homelessness (as if that were a crime in itself, requiring police action, rather than social compassion)
ELGATONEGRO December 05, 2012 at 09:53 PM
Ish December 06, 2012 at 11:59 AM
The crosswalk on Ave 63 and York is dangerous. They should put traffic lights or those LED floor lights like I've seen in other cities. This reminds me of the dangerous crosswalk in El Sereno on Eastern and Twinning St. It's almost pitch black at night due to lack of lights, and the yellow lights on top that are activated by a button, are pointless as they are blocked by the overgrown trees. I've never had a problem with traffic on Ave. 64 and Church St. Is this only at a certain time of the day?
The MOG December 06, 2012 at 04:32 PM
SLO Mark Allen, as usual, led an excellent discussion on this agenda item. Explained that York is a major artery along the Arroyo Parkway. Nate Hayward,CD14 Field Dep., (323)254-5295, Nate.Hayward@lacity.org, explained that the city isn't doing speed bumps anymore; due to budgetary constraints. LED Floor Lights sounds like a great idea. It's the first time I've heard of it. SLO Allen also said he has personally set a survalence point nearby Ave. 64 & Church, and made the same observations you have. As far as the crosswalk, the only solution appears to be Traffic Enforcement, as in a motorcycle cop. Here is SLO Allen's contact info., (213) 793-0768, 27468@lapd.org, Capt. Murphy (323) 344-5708 26152@lacity.org. Here are other numbers people might need. Gang Unit (323)344-5728, Vice Unit (323)344-5728, Narcotics (323) 344-5738, Community Relations (323) 344-5712. I hope these are helpful!
Ish December 06, 2012 at 11:34 PM
Motorcycle cops are great for creating revenue, but they hardly slow down traffic. I often see a motorcycle cop on Monterey Rd. where cars speed down the hills, but that doesn't keep them doing it. They still fly by at about 45 mph. Same with Huntington Dr. from Monterey Rd. to Mission Rd. Motorcycle cops are constantly pulling over speeders, but people just don't learn to slow down.


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