Food Truck Report: The Lineup for Tuesday, July 19

Highland Park Din-Din-A-Go-Go returns to to Figueroa Produce for it's weekly visit today; see below for the lineup of gourmet food truck that will be offering their fare for the feast.

will return to at 6312 N. Figueroa St. tonight at 5:30 until 9 p.m., bringing with it a dazzling array of local flavor.

Here's a look at which trucks will be participating in tonight's feast, along with links to their web-sites, Twitter accounts and menus (when available). While it's never easy to decide which truck will earn your hard earned dollars, hopefully this list will give you a head start in making your choice.

Tropical Shave Ice stakes their claim as Los Angeles' first Hawaiian shave ice truck. You can check their Twitter feed for updates at @tropshaveice or check out their menu to learn more.

Crepes Bonaparte's Gaston Food Truck will make its Highland Park debut on Tuesday night. Check out their menu for more on their French crepe offerings, or follow them on Twitter for updates at @crepesbonaparte

The Grilled Cheese Truck rolls into Highland Park tonight, too. You can find their menu of grilled cheese creations here and follow them on Twitter at @grlldcheesetruk.

Great Balls on Tires Truck will be serving up meatballs and "other savory balls of food." Check out their menu or follow them on Twitter at @greatballsot

Border Grill Truck's chef Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger serve up gourmet tacos, quesadillas, ceviches and more. You can learn more about these celeb chefs and their menu at Border Grill's website, or follow them on Twitter at @bordergrill

The White Rabbit Truck boasts that after years of experimentation in their laboratory, they've formulated the ultimate fusion Filipino, American and Mexican food. Check out there menu and follow them on Twitter at @whiterabbittruck.

Lomo Arigato Truck: Japanese Noodle Creations by chef Eric Nakata. Follow Lomo Arigato Truck on Twitter at @lomoarigato.

Vizzi Truck will be making a stop at the Figueroa Produce this week. Their menu is inspired by taking "French cooking techniques and mixing them with coastal flavors from around the world." Follow them on Twitter at @VizziTruck.

Need something to wash down you gourment food truck dinner? The Mambo Juice truck will be at Figueroa Produce tonight for you. Learn more about their offerings at @mambojuicetruck.

The chefs of Grill 'Em All Truck will be serving up their heavy metal hamburgers. You can find their menu here and follow them on Twitter at @GrillemAllTruck.

Cool Haus Ice Cream Truck offers all natural ice cream sandwiches in edible wrappers. Check out their menu or follow them on Twitter @CoolHaus.


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