Food Truck Report: The Lineup for July 31

The lineup for Tuesday's Figueroa Produce food truck fest will feature several gourmet food trucks.

on 6312 N. Figueroa St. in Highland Park will on Tuesday host its weekly food truck feast.

Scheduled to run from 5:30 p.m. until 9 p.m., the feast will feature food trucks from around the Los Angeles, and promises to be Vegan friendly.

"We have a lot of very cool customers and we wanted to do something to bring everybody in the community together," said Luis, one of the market's three co-owners.

Attendees at Tuesday evening's event are asked to park in the lot behind Figueroa Produce and not in the one in front of the adjacent .

Trucks appearing at Tuesday's event include:

Lomo Arigato

The Greasy Wiener

Flat Iron truck

Be Cool Cow

The Boba Truck

Mandoline Grill

Vizzi Truck

Grill 'Em All Truck

India Jones Chow Truck

The Frankenstand

Jesus Meza August 09, 2012 at 12:13 AM
I love the idea of the food trucks gathering, but they seem too expensive considering Highland Park has so many brick & mortar eateries that are a better value (i.e. the $1.25 tacos) and they're a stones throw from the food trucks. It'd be as if Fusion Burgers moved into a truck and upped the prices from $8.50 to $12 for their cheapest burger. That's how the food truck prices are. Food trucks should be cheaper because they have less overhead cost and no seating facilities or any comforts for that matter. A tiny specialty taco costs $3.50 when it should be $1.50. When I saw how small it is, I couldn't beleive how much it cost. But it's cool if you can afford it.


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