Update: Do You Remember the Highland Hofbrau?

Construction efforts at the Little Cave have revealed a glimpse of the eatery's past.

Update: Charles Fisher, local historian, author and preservationist, had this to say about the Highland Hofbrau sign:

I don't know much as I don't frequent bars, but I do know that before it became the Little Cave, it was known as "Richard's Hofbrau".  I would assume that the name "Highland Hofbrau" is probably earlier.  The building hasn't changed much in my memory.  There was an unpermitted addition at the rear years ago, but the city forced its removal.  There used to be a wooden apartment house at the rear which was accessed from Figueroa via the side yard that now serves as a patio.  I believe it was demolished in the 1970s.  I did find a 1950 obituary for a Wilfred M. Hubert, who was 80 at the time and lived in the rear building.  He had a son named Richard.

That's about all I can recall.  They have not come to us on any current permits, nor have any been applied for, but I did get a call about them taking the facade apart.

Previously: on 5922 N. Figueroa St. was closed on Tuesday evening for construction efforts to the building's facade.

A tweet sent by The Little Cave's Twitter account on Tuesday afternoon indicated that the local hole in the wall will be back in business on Wednesday.

In the meantime, though, the facade work has unveiled an interesting glimpse into the building's past.

Beneath the layer of bricks that line the front of the local bar was a sign for the Highland Hofbrau--which purported to offer beer, pool and sandwiches.

Prior to becoming The Little Cave, the N. Figueroa St. location operated under the moniker of Richard's Hofbrau; however, it's history as the Highland Hofbrau is cloudy?

Do you remember the Highland Hofbrau? Have you even enjoyed cold beer and sandwich before playing a round of pool at the restaurant?

Share your stories about the Highland Hofbrau in the comments section below.

sally owen June 13, 2012 at 05:22 AM
Just got through reading all the comments. I moved from the Hiland Park area about mid 70's. when i turned 21 i worked for owner Richard Post at the Hofbrau, He had just taken it over from owner Bob ! can't rember his last name. It was a friendly bar where people came to play pool and shuffel board in the back room. In the afternoons he served Awsome Sandwhiches,beer,wine and somtimes i would make chile when they would have a footballgame going on TV. Some of the fire Dept would come over after work and some of the postal workers that worked next door. The bikers really dident start coming in there until later in the 70's. I remember alot in the Hiland park area. Been there since 1944. I also remember Johnny's on Figueroa st. before he had the bar, he owned a Burrto stand across the street called Johnny's Burrto's, they only cost 25 cents each. Good memorys!!
David Fonseca June 13, 2012 at 04:35 PM
Thanks for the story, Sally!
Roxanne Morris July 29, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Yes, there was. I believe it was calle 'Hofbrau Haus", however, I was never in that establishment. Please see my other comment.
Roxanne Morris July 29, 2012 at 07:12 PM
As Dick Post's daughter, I can confirm some of this info. Dad bought the bar in the late 60s. It was dark and cave-like, but in early in his ownership, it was a decent neighborhood bar with regular customers, even some husbands and wives. I vaguely remember Sally Owen, and Alberto's first impression was not unlike my own as a young teenager. My dad was a retired motorcycle cop. Margarito's account of pictures on the walls, memorabilia, is accurate. There was one of my dad in uniform astride his police issue bike, and a poster-size image of him with full beard wearing an "Injun' Joe" hat which hung near the juke box. Alberto may be remembering a logo that was used of a guy in a top hat and cape. Later signage was illuminated and 2-sided, depicting an eagle crest. It hung over the entrance. When my mom sold the bar, the sign was dismantled and my son and nephew each took one side. The previous owners were Bob Mac Isaac and another guy named Bob, but I don't remember the last name. My dad died in 2002, and my mom continued to run the bar for another 2 years, and then sold it to, yet another 'Bob', Bob Green, a partner in Little Cave. I am sad to see the brick being torn down. When Dad refaced the building it gave the entrance a cleaner look. Neither the brick or the old 'Highland Hofbrau' facade fit 'Little Cave' style, so it will be interesting to see what's next!
Mike Galaviz March 05, 2013 at 02:27 AM
I remember the first time I went to Richards I was about 18 years old. My uncle was a MC biker and I remember enjoying a of picture beer and a sandwich. And after returning from the military I became a regular customer till they served their last beer. I miss going to work in the morning and passing by and honking and waving hi to Richard while he would water and sweep the front area every morning. Then I would go after for beer or two after shoots some pool. "if them walls can talk"


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