CicLAvia Rolls Through Downtown

The third CicLavia event, which opened ten square miles for cyclists in Downtown Los Angeles, took place on Sunday.

Was Downtown Los Angeles shut down to motorists on Sunday afternoon, or was it opened up?

For the thousands of cyclists, walkers, scooter-ers and numerous others who prefer transportation of the non-motorized variety, the answers was certainly the latter.

The third CicLAvia event returned to Los Angeles on Sunday, turning seven miles of Downtown L.A. into a playground for pedestrians. Motorists, meanwhile, where diverted from the DTLA's main throroughfare's on Olive St., where they could pass through a controlled intersection.

Tough CicLAVia's route did not pass through Highland Park, the event aimed at spreading awareness about the joys of cycling did have an impact on the neighborhood.

Not only did Metro's Twitter account report an increase of cyclists passing through the area, owner Josef Bray-Ali said he was met by a rush of customers in the days preceding the event, all either looking to bikes for the event or have their current rigs tuned up. 

Did you participate in Sunday's CicLavia event? Or did your daily business take you through Downtown in car? Let us know what you thought of the event in the comments.


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